Feature request list

  • Greater details on each direct debit setup: amount, date, reference, etc.

  • Account number and sort code on cards. The colour is awesome though! :raised_hands:

  • This forum built into the app. It’s really annoying leaving the app to read the forum on a webpage. You could then integrate notifications direct to phone.

  • Switching service. I’ve already moved everything manually, but it is a time consuming task.

  • Rules for pots (including ability to lock pot, otherwise I just send the money back to the account and spend it :see_no_evil:).

  • Ability to save accounts I make regular transfers to.

  • Fix the graph chart: It seems awfully buggy or is that just me(?)

  • Reward for inviting new customers

  • Are credit cards, mortgages and other such services something you’ll offer in the future(?) I hope so. I really want to bank with a company that offers a service I can use for all my banking needs and I would imagine you guys would do an awesome job of it.

Hi Andrew - Welcome to the community forum!:wave: A lot of the features you’ve mentioned are being discussed here in the forum. I’m going to find the existing threads for them so you can have a read up on the progress!

Not sure if you’re using iOS or Android but on the iOS app if you tap the “Help” button and scroll to the bottom there’s a “Forum Home” button which brings you straight here!

CASS isn’t here yet but Simon (from Monzo) has said that it is a priority internally and they’re working on it!

So as far as I know, Monzo won’t be offering Credit Cards and Mortgages but rather create a Marketplace which will allow you to connect to other services/providers that offer those kinds of services.


Thanks for the above links.

Regarding the forum, I am aware you can click the icons in the iOS app to go through to the forum. But I believe it would be much better if the forum was built into the app (e.g native and not a webpage). I find leaving the app a little annoying and I would definitely follow along more with the journey if I could get notifications and read the forum without being directed to a third party that requires additional credientials etc.

Any new comments/ideas can be added to the individually linked threads to keep all discussions intact.