Some new ideas


Here are a couple of ideas I would love to have introduced

  1. Option to have push notifications when bills go out
  2. option to transfer money left before payday automatically into a pot

I hope this helps



This should already be in place. It’s one of the core concepts of Monzo is that you’re immediately alerted to any income or expense from your account. Perhaps the notifications have been disabled in your phone settings? Which phone do you have if you mind me asking?

This is already in the pipeline and can expect it later this year.


Hi Ben

I have just realised that I don’t have any bills coming out so that makes sense!


Just something I would find nice to tidy up the app -
“A way to hide transfers to and from pots from the spending tab would be nice, like a swipe left on the transfer to archive it”

Another thing for “housekeeping” purposes I’d like to see is the ability to archive transactions on both the Home and Spending screens…

I don’t see the necessity to be able to see transactions from months ago, and would prefer it if there were an option to put them separate for later on