Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

If you’re already hosting images with AWS then it should be fairly simple to integrate with the image recognition and moderation service. This would allow the possibilities us performing a tag based search for public images rather than being limited to the pre-defined Monzo selection.

I understand it’s not a pressing issue but just thought I’d add my voice to the matter for when it does come up the list of priorities.


The idea of pots and some of the suggested features suggested will make it very useful. However, the design and interface for the pots screen is terrible! I would suggest a complete overhaul and really think about making the best of screen space.

  1. Most users of pots will have more the one pot, to be able to see all of them without scrolling would be great pots.

  2. what use is the picture really? If it was within the background and within it you saw the name, balance and have the actions of editing/add/withdraw (actions) then I get it but at the moment it’s a really inconvenience pushing me away from pots

  3. Consolidated view + targets. If pots is a short term saving towards a purchase, eg new phone or holiday. Then for the instant see a graphic against the targets will be great. Also with the data you have, in the example of buying a new phone, how great would it be to link the target to the phone purchase site to feed you price information

  4. Maybe also have community pots ? Use case: if I’m doing a charity run and would like to raise money I would love to be able to send a link out to the pot where my sponsors could pay into.



Sorry if already requested in this thread.
I’d like to see pot-specific statements and pulse, and to be able to automate deposits and withdrawals.

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Mostly some really great point there and I’d like to see them implemented as well.

However, I’m a little on the fence with this one as I like the idea of display the pot information overlaid onto the image but it might get in the way of the motivational feeling if the pot is for a savings goal. I think Squirrel has implemented it fairly well and as they say

It’s easy to create personalised savings pots for all the things you might want to save for. You can add your own names and pictures to savings and set goals and track progress - proven ways of staying motivated about your saving

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Hi Monzo Team!

Thought it would be much more convenient to be able to re-order and drag around the pots after already making them. This will make it easier to put relevant pots next to each other etc.

I believe this will make the user experience much more pleasant and will be of great service to us!

Thanks for your time,



Hey Jin :wave: welcome to the community & thanks for sharing your idea!

We’ve created a poll so that users can vote for the features that they’d like Monzo to add for Pots next & the option to reorder them is one, please do add your vote(s) here :raised_hands:

I feel you might be over thinking this a bit.

The ideal Pot features for me would be:

  1. A savings pot where I can lock money away for a specific time and get interest on it.
    2.- was a “save the change” pot but you have done that with “Coin Jar”- very nice work.
  2. A pot where I can have DDs and SOs come directly out of that. e.g. a Car pot where road tax, MOT and insurance can come out of it- the regular bills we get.
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Its here! “Coin Jar”- search for it on the community page. It was added today!


Thanks for this - I managed to miss it but just created one. However, also having a moneybox account linked to Monzo I will be saving twice the amount of change…

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Stumbled over this today

Took me a while to work out how to set one up.

Thankfully I had this forum to fall back on

What a feature though. Very pleased and cannot wait to see how the savings grow

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Given the MVP nature of your releases, do you think you could just get to ‘an automated/future dated transfer’ asap? This would enable/solve (in a basic way) so many of peoples use cases explained on this thread just for now. I was really quite suprised it didn’t make MVP in the first place. I do get the desire to just get pots out there, but it was sooo close, but just missed the mark here I felt?

If we could just organise the movement of our money, many of us would be in a basic but good place with having organised finances and the fancier stuff (if this then that/change sweep etc) would feel like a nice little stream of awesome app improvements that would come over the medium-long term.

Perrrleeeaase. With a :cherries: on the top! :grin:

edit: forgot to say thanks for a nice open update, we do appreciate your open nature, even if we’re full of ‘feedback’ :wink:


You’re absolutely right.

These :monzo:'ites. absolutely filthy. The lot of them.


Who’s going to see it?

If you’re envisioning an environment where all user-selected pots pictures get uploaded to your server and shared in the image selection menu with all other pots users, then I’ll grant that’s an issue. I’ll even grant that an image uploaded to your server and only visible to that user could still be a problem if you were left hosting something that could legally put you in hot water.

But, and I can only refer back to my previous comment here, if the custom pots image is hosted locally and loaded off the phone of the user, never uploaded to your servers, and never shared with other pots users, where’s the problem here? Is this not a solution that allows for users to have custom images while also protecting Monzo from hosting anything?

In any case, as far as hosting goes, it has been noted by others already that the facility exists for adding receipts as images.

tl;dr, I think you may be making the issue of ‘custom pots images’ more complicated than it needs to be.


FYI, we’ve just announced Coin Jar - a new Pots feature that rounds up your purchases and saves the difference.

More details here:


Just a simple request to be able to transfer money between pots and also to use your own photos on the pot “cards”. You can already select a few colours and photos. Why not let you upload your own?

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Just a small piece of feedback. I think if you deposit to a pot then withdraw from it, you should get the option to clear the feed items or if you don’t withdraw the full amount then it updates the deposit feed item to show the remainder. Otherwise you can clog up the feed with items that equate to 0 change in your account as all these are essentially internal transfers.

I know it’s not a big issue and I’m not sure how much work it’ll create but I think it’d add a nice bit of polish to a feature I otherwise find very useful!



Good point, I haven’t seen how squirrel have implemented this but I can see where you are coming from . Potentially have thumbnails and then you could click in to see greater details and full pot information

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Could pot be use to transfer to external money saving p2p / investment and get feedback from these services


Just wanted to echo the above requests for a scheduled date for a ‘direct debit’ from a pot. I love the pots feature for putting away money for different bills that are due later in the month but frequently forget to put the money back into my account before the bill is due which at time has led to the payment being rejected and then it becomes a bit more of a hassle than it perhaps could be.