Make payments from Pots

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I think when sending someone money, you should be able to select where the money comes from.

The page below has lots of free space and could easily contain some sort of dropdown menu letting you choose between your main account or any pots you currently have.


As it currently is, if I want to pay someone with money I have stored in a pot I have to move the exact amount from the pot to the main account and then pay the recipient, it feels like too many steps and it clutters up my transaction history.

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I agree! Would be great if we could just pay from a specific pot :smiley: even Natwest allows me to do this.

I agree. Hopefully this is on the roadmap already.

Good idea, to help the team see which functionality they should add for Pots next, please vote on the poll in the link below (payments from Pots is one of the options) :raised_hands:

Launching Pots

NatWest do pots?

Ahahha no, I just have multiple accounts in the same app.

I think this is important, mainly for an analysable transaction history. Mine is now filled with spikes, where the money has been moved into the current account and immediately out again.

Perhaps a good intermediate feature would be to ‘exclude from summary’ on incoming transactions as well as outgoing, so that you can hide both parts of the pot payment?

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I’m not sure how to like the OP suggestion, or how to show my love for this feature! It makes great sense.
I imagine it would only work for Regular Pots however?

Yeah, i build a pot for a specific trip away or something like that. I’d like to make the payment online, then in the app click on the payment and select “deduct from pot” and choose the pot.

Let’s say, for example i have a pot called Mexico which has 2k in it.
When i buy my flights, they’ll come out of my standard account. I’d click on each transaction and say “deduct from Mexico” - basically, the money has come out of my standard account, but when i click that it takes money from the Mexico pot and puts it in my standard account.
At the end of my holiday, when monzo says “you spent £1000 in mexico” when i land back in the uk - give me the option to deduct that from a pot…

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Agreed - would like to be able to make bank payments directly from a pot (e.g. a savings pot).

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For card payments, the simplest solution would be AFTER you make a transaction you can open it and select “pay from pot” and it will automatically move the funds over from the pot to the main balance and add it as an entry to that pot’s ledger.

Way simpler than configuring which pot to pay from before you tap. Perhaps in the push message it could prompt you to pay it from a pot?

This works if you have enough in the main balance to cover a transaction AND also enough to subsequently take it from the pot. If you don’t have the value available in both places, you can move the funds manually beforehand and then after the transaction use a separate option to attribute the transaction to a pot history for reference.