Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Interest on pots would be enough to scribble of “no interest” as one of the main things stopping me from switching. It’d be better than nothing and still all within in the same account/app.


Many Monzo customers wish to use pots just like this not as savings (as they can get interest elsewhere) but to ring fence funds they know they are going to spend for certain expenditure such as a big direct debit in order to prevent it being spent


Being able to auto add money to pots every month would be awesome.

Also the screen with the pots listing needs to be reworked. When you have.more than a couple.of pots you end up scrolling down a lot to see all the pots. It makes it difficult to see how much money is in each pot and over all.


In the absence of joint accounts the ability to share a pot is essential if I am to fully commit to Monzo. Apologies if this is already planned but I am surprised it isn’t already implemented.


Is it just me or does the ‘create pot’ button on the target page seem random? Congrats, you were on target with your spending…create a pot? :thinking:



To enable users votes for features to be counted, please vote for the new Pots functionality that you’d like Monzo to add here -

Still be nice to get interest


I’d love like a sweep to be available for pots. So say the current account balance goes to £500 any excess can sweep across to a pot. I do it manually weekly because I limit myself to X amount a week and the rest of the money I don’t use at the end of the week is going into a pot to go towards holiday spending money



I love the pots idea. What would make it next level amazing is if you could assign automatic allocation rules that move transactions.

For instance, my flat mates pay me for he rent, from which I pay the landlord in a lump sum. You could configure rules based on who sent money and the reference supplied.

In addition, I also pay direct debits with this pot, so I should be able to create rule assigning all direct debits from Thames water to be taken from this pot.

Is it an okay idea? Swish or no swish?



Adding my voice to:

  • Automated transfers to pot

  • Round-up debit card entries to nearest whole pounds and the ‘change’ to go into a pot

  • Auto sweep of residual balance at payday.

  • Auto sweep of any balance over a set amount into pot

  • Target amounts for pots - with a percentage of how close I am to it on the pot icon.


I echo the above - it would also be nice to upload our own images for the pots.


I would like to be able to add whatever amount I want to my pot and not be constricted to the amount on the buttons. Can you not add a free text box so that I could put say 6.50 in rather than your defined amounts?


This is already there, if you click on the number, it should load the keyboard allowing you to enter any amount.


Transfers between Pots
If I have a large pot that I want to convert into 3 smaller pots, I have to basically move all that money out of the pots, which makes a real mess of my “statement” view.

Custom Images on Pots
Currently unable to change the image on a pot once it’s created, and images are from a small list of hard-coded images, custom ones not currently available.


I didn’t think I’d need the pots but actually have used them for just over a month now.
After my bills have gone out, i’m assigning myself a certain amount of spending money for the remainder of the month and then the rest goes into Premium Bonds (out of sight, out of mind).
Each week, I’m allowed to spend about £50 on whatever I want (this includes groceries, entertainment, eating out).
I was originally going to create 4 pots, one for wk 1 (with £50 in it) then one for wk 2 (with £50 in it) and so on.
But then I thought, maybe I’m over complicating things and so I have gone back to just having one pot again.

I don’t use pots are they have no use other than as savings accounts with no benefits. They are not really helpful for automatic budgeting as you have to remember to move money out of them to pay bills from the main account.

I still use my legacy bank account to coordinate my money for salary and bills. It means I just forget about my legacy bank account nowadays as it automates all the work, and I have a standing order set up which sends my weekly spends to Monzo. I only ever see the money transferred to Monzo, and it helps me keep a budget. My legacy bank does have text alerts if things start to go wrong with my automated setup but generally it is set up to always stay in a positive balance each month.

In the end, if Monzo did something similar, I would move fully over. So please improve pots so that they are either separate bank accounts with direct debits etc, or you can assign them to payments. I should just be able to forget about bills, knowing fully well it was being delt with.


I would like this - It would be great to see all your pots on one screen without having to scroll up and down. Not sure what value the image gives to take up so much screen space.


So I’m going to add my voice here, because why not?

Pots to me are very useful, but as mentioned before only to ring-fence certain things (such as SO/DD and other “Regular Payment” items). Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. I’m very much looking forward to the day when funds for Standing Orders and Direct Debits are automatically put in a pot. With the option to move it out, should times be hard, but bills should come first and it would be nice for a system to help with that. I’d also like to be able to use rules (or some automation) to be able to ensure Regular Payments (which aren’t SO/DD) can be filtered into a pot until we know it’s needed.

I would absolutely love to put some good automation rules in place, such as dumping a pot into a-n-other account (such as an ISA or whatever) at the end of the month (or set date). This will allow me to keep the money in the account (just hidden) should I suddenly need it, but then put it somewhere it will earn proper interest should I manage to avoid spending it. Granted, this is a niche situation, but I’d really love the flexibility of available automation to be such that this sort of thing can be done.

Custom images, as mentioned by others I think this is a huge massive enormous thing missing from the setup. Just like custom categories etc, the more custom we can make it the more at home we will be with it. But that aside, why can’t we change the image on an existing pot?!


Any news on when we will be able to create standing orders (from another bank account) into each relevant pot? I thought this would be one of the most basic features required for a version 1 release but obviously I’m in the minority.

At the minute I would have to create a standing order from my ‘legacy’ bank account into monzo, then remember to manually transfer that into each individual pot.

Ideally each pot would have their own sort code and account number.

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exactly how bunq works, with an IBAN for each (max 20 pots) PLUS you can have TWO pins on your card and link one to your main account and the other to a particular pot if you like