Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Just a simple request to be able to transfer money between pots and also to use your own photos on the pot “cards”. You can already select a few colours and photos. Why not let you upload your own?

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Just a small piece of feedback. I think if you deposit to a pot then withdraw from it, you should get the option to clear the feed items or if you don’t withdraw the full amount then it updates the deposit feed item to show the remainder. Otherwise you can clog up the feed with items that equate to 0 change in your account as all these are essentially internal transfers.

I know it’s not a big issue and I’m not sure how much work it’ll create but I think it’d add a nice bit of polish to a feature I otherwise find very useful!



Good point, I haven’t seen how squirrel have implemented this but I can see where you are coming from . Potentially have thumbnails and then you could click in to see greater details and full pot information

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Could pot be use to transfer to external money saving p2p / investment and get feedback from these services


Just wanted to echo the above requests for a scheduled date for a ‘direct debit’ from a pot. I love the pots feature for putting away money for different bills that are due later in the month but frequently forget to put the money back into my account before the bill is due which at time has led to the payment being rejected and then it becomes a bit more of a hassle than it perhaps could be.


Hey Rebecca!

When Pots launched, I created a poll so that the team could see which feature requests were most popular & Direct Directs from Pots was one of them. Please do add your vote here :raised_hands:

Great username btw :smile:


agree - I would like an option to move money between pots and not have to move it to go back to account and then to a new pot


Hi, I hope this is the right forum to feed back… I use a pot to save as a car fund (tyres, servicing etc), but when I set it up there was no option to add my own picture to represent what the fund was for. Surely this is something that could be easily added, and would be really useful.


Maybe you can use text to represent what the fund is for :wink:


Hi yes you’ve come to the right place :slight_smile: the team’s considering that functionality, there’s just a few things to work out -


i do think monzo are over thinking this one, 500k people can’t have a function they would like because half a dozen people might abuse it?


Personally I’d say let the user upload anything, why not? I get that it could be vulgar or offensive but we, as users, already have the ability to upload custom profile pictures. Which could very well be used exactly the same way. If anything custom profile pictures are more dangerous no? Friends will see it directly and they’re exposed on the frontend of monzo.me. With pots they are private to your account (I assume) so the only people who would see them are the user who uploaded it in the first place, and maybe COPs. Even then the COPs probably don’t need to see the image itself.


Is there not a way to transfer between pots??

Not at the moment, no. You can withdraw from a Pot & then deposit the money into another Pot though.

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I will love that eh …maybe its just a dream :sleeping:

Feedback on the Coin Jar feature (sorry if already posted)

I find the coin jar payments are cluttering up my payments feed - it would be better in my opinion to get a weekly summary of payments to coin jar or similar, so that a transaction doesn’t show everytime I pay for something. Or even just round the payment and explain the price after clicking on it. That would work too.

Loving the idea though! And pots are great in general!


There’s a thread for that already linked here :slight_smile:

Hey Scott!

This is definitely a popular concept (and I think it’s a really worth while idea). I believe the product team are aware that people like the idea of a round up rather that a cluttered feed :+1:

I’m glad you’re enjoying Pots in general though, it’s something I love as well!

omg i thought i was the only one. i hate the name too. pots sound soooo bulky