Launching Pots

This is an awesome feature! Would be even more awesome if you could set rules for pots so I can transfer X amount every month or wipe my balance clear on payday and put anything from the previous month into a pot.

Did you vote for that option in the poll? :smiley:


When clicking on a pot it would be good if you could see a list of transaction history for that exact pot.


Indeed, this is a lot more difficult than it sounds, however I would believe with the “Rules/Settings” it could be possible with a simple Boolean switch. However this also depends on how it’s setup, such as if Monzo has assigned completely different account numbers or such to each Pot, which causes more complications.

CA: £4.00
Holiday: £100

1 Transaction taking place. variable: $reqAmount (£10)
2 Current account has some funds(£4), but less funds than $reqAmount (insufficient funds).
3 *Loop through all pots with boolean set to true (allowing funds to leave the pot)
4 *Pot "Holiday" found with sufficient funds(£100) to cover $reqAmount.
5 MATH: $reqAmount(£10) - currentaccount.funds(£4) = $remainAmount(£6)
6 Withdraw $remainAmount(£6) to current account with note "Covering funds"
7 Complete transaction from current account(£10)
8 Notify user they've had to have money removed from Holiday pot to cover funds.

Leaving the ‘CA’ with £0 and the ‘Holiday’ fund with £94
Anywhere with a star (*) could mark a failed transaction for example, user has 0 pots, or pots are all locked.

This too is something that’d I’d like to see as I would like to be able to save as much money as I can. However I don’t want to be trying to buy a tube ticket at peak times and have it declined because funds are limited. when I know i have it, just in another pot.


Is it possible to re-order the Pots that have been created?


Yes! Hopefully it gets integrated soon! :slight_smile:

My understanding regarding Targets, is that they’re being completely redesigned and that is when Android will get them, to avoid developing something that is not being taken forward.


I’ve seen it mentioned that Starling’s Goals (Pots) seem like an add on. But having seen this, I disagree and think that this is a bit of an add on. Starling’s is shown at the bottom of the screen separate, I struggled to find Monzo’s hidden on another screen after the card?

It would be good to see a target amount, maybe with a slim bar graph showing progress. Even better would be a target date, and how much you need to save monthly to reach that amount.

There’s plenty of room as you have a pot per pages unlike Starling who have a few pots per page.

Just a few thoughts. So far it’s okay. Hopefully it’ll improve as time goes on.


IMO, that can be done with API integration, I don’t want my bank showing me statistics of things I’ll never use, hell I don’t even use targets. I just want to manage my money better. However target amound and how much per month does sound good. :+1:

Interesting, but none of the above would have any relevance in my use of Pots so I’d need a way of getting rid of them.

I wonder how many optional data-sets would be required to support all of the possible use cases? :open_mouth:

Is this “fully” available yet, or are pots now exposed via the API? I thought I saw on the road map this afternoon the full API is way off?

EDIT: asking this as I thought I read API was now on the back burner?

Yeah the API is still not ready, I’m waiting for it for my own project, however I’d rather them get it right first time than wrong many times but faster haha. I should’ve been clearer with meaning, I’d rather it be done later by a third party using the API than spending time putting it in-app where other features could be built.

Platform development is generally happening in parallel now, but our releases are scheduled on opposite weeks. This is for testing/QA reasons (I’ll explain more in a blog post soon). We’re looking to change this as soon as it is possible to do so without slowing us down :fast_forward:

For this reason, sometimes some stuff will come out on one platform before the other. In this instance, the next Android release is just a week or so after this iOS release :pray: On the flip side, Android had the ability to upgrade to a Current Account a week or so before iOS :rainbow:

“True” parity (release everything at the same time on both) currently would mean we held back features behind a feature flag for a week until the other platform’s release is out, and then turn them on for everyone. This could delay key learnings and make us slower overall :sob: An example of this might be: if everyone on iOS uses Pots in some odd way we aren’t expecting, we can iterate on it from tomorrow and make it better for both platforms, instead of learning about this next week.

The other way we could get this is by syncing up our releases so iOS and Android updates happen at the same time, rather than on opposite weeks, but this would require changes to how Testing works at Monzo that I don’t think we could support at the moment. I’ll go into that soon in a blog post that @tristan is extremely excited about. :wink:


Thanks for the reply, man. I 100% agree with your phased-approach - Like you say, there could be key learnings/flags/bugs etc on one platform that could alter the outcome on the other. There isn’t much upside to holding releases back in this case.


I wanted to say something like this from a user end view.

Everyone keeps mentioning parity but both app stores work differently. I appreciate that you have opposite week launches :+1:

Swings and roundabouts, guys - we’re having a brand new feature within 10 days of each other across two platforms :confetti_ball:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

P.S. I did want it before payday of 25th though :joy:


What I would really like is something like Plum- a “savings butler” that monitors your spending pattern and automatically sets money aside for you.

I’m hoping the Monzo platform could integrate savings bots and other AI to make life easier. Chip is another example.


I’m super confused… I have both a current account app (WHITE from TestFlight) but it’s separate to my prepaid app (BLUE from AppStore)… I have seen the update in the App Store that mentions pots, but after updating I can’t see this functionality in either app? Should I even still have a prepaid app if I have been using the current account since July? Very confused and would love some clarification/ help.

I’ve just added my email address (registered for both current and prepaid) into the google docs spreadsheet ‘thing’ I just found under the prepaid app help menu? Is that what you’re talking about?
Please help :frowning:

Your white app is the Current Account Preview – it was an early testing version of the Monzo Current Account which is now in the Blue app.

Since you were part of the preview you will be able to merge the two together in the blue app – you’ll receive a notification and see a banner in your blue app in the next couple of days if you filled out the spreadsheet already :raised_hands:

Until you have merged the accounts, you will not be able to see Pots :sweat:

What I would really like is something like Plum- a “savings butler” that monitors your spending pattern and automatically sets money aside for you. :moneybag:

I’m hoping the Monzo platform could integrate savings bots and other AI to make life easier. Chip is another example. :robot:

I think having an AI bug me and be my conscience (Jiminy Cricket?!) that helps me work towards my savings goals would be great! Gamify it so you get savings badges would really be cool. :dark_sunglasses:

“Fitbit for Finance”

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I’ve just sorted out this exact issue with the help of Milo from Customer Support. I was getting pretty frustrated about how unclear this process seemed to be, but it got sorted in about 5 minutes so I can’t fault them on that! Hopefully you get yours sorted soon too.