What Pots do you have? 🍯

So, now that everyone has access to Bill Pots, it’d be really interesting to know how you’re all using Pots as a whole.

At the moment, I just have 3 Pots:

:money_with_wings: Bills Pot (all Direct Debits and Standing Orders from here)
:princesymbol: Prince Pot (saving for our next trip to Minneapolis!)
:credit_card: Credit Card Repayments (for making irregular additional payments on top of my DDs!)


I have an empty pot coz like no money :upside_down_face:


I will probably change a couple of these to savings pots as I won’t need them for 6 months or so


:pig: - Coin Jar (been rounding up since day -1)
:racing_car: - Car Insurance (and Tax) pot, ready for a few days before Christmas… I picked a terrible time to pass my test & buy a car all those years ago :joy:
:house_with_garden: - “House Savings” but it’s just general savings and I figured a house deposit would be a sensible aim :raised_hands:
:beers: - Left over, where any money remaining at the end of the month gets swept away to (so it’s normally empty :joy:)
:lock: - Rent backup, one month’s worth of rent just in case :pray:
:ski: - ‘Monsno2020’, saving up for a skiing holiday with some awesome people here at Monzo :hot_coral_heart:

:money_with_wings: - Bills Pot (but I don’t use it because I prefer using Summary :speak_no_evil:)


I have a few lol :rofl:

  • :money_with_wings: Bills - Internet/Council Tax/Streaming Service (Bill pot)
  • :potable_water: Water Bill (Bill pot)
  • :iphone:Phone Carrier (Bill pot)
  • :electric_plug:Energy Provider (Bill pot)
  • :house:Rent (Standing order so waiting for Bill Pot :eyes:)
  • :badminton: Badminton
  • :train2:Weekly Travel
  • :moneybag:Semi-Fixed Savings pot (non easy access one)
  • :iphone:Money towards new phone pot
  • :christmas_tree:Money for Christmas presents pot
  • :eyeglasses:Contact lenses
  • :money_mouth_face:Friends and Family orders pot
  • :moneybag:Monzo Plus 1.5% Savings pot
  • :credit_card: Amex Credit card spending pot
  • :passport_control: Visa for my partner pot

:fuelpump: Fuel - Regular Pot (I don’t really commute now but it’s nice to put some aside)
:moneybag:OnePenny Savings - Regular Pot (This has reverse 1 penny and weekly challenge)
:red_car: Car Tax - Locked Regular Pot
:coffee: Coffee / Hot Chocolate Machine - Regular Pot (this is empty as it’s for a house warming present whenever I move out so I’ve invested it in the meantime)
:money_mouth_face: Little Sister Owes Me - Regular Pot with a goal of her debt :rofl:
:honey_pot: Round Up - Regular Pot
:house_with_garden: Savings - Fixed Savings Pot (pulled this from my Cash ISA to get that sweet higher interest under the tax threshold :wink:)
:pound: Bills - Regular Pot
:rotating_light:Emergency Fund - Easy Access Savings Pot but locked (the aim of this is to get that 3 month saving thing at a steady place in a dedicated place instead of tapping on Cash ISA etc etc when needed)


But a few: I tend to name them just single emojis.

:rotating_light: - Emergency fund - aiming for 3 months income but building…
:moneybag: - Extra Dosh - where I siphon off bonus payments + a small amount each month.
:christmas_tree: - Christmas - saving up but doing a poor job.
:money_with_wings: - my bills pot for most of my DDs
:pound: - an ISA that I’m sloshing stuff into but not sure what my goal is with it.
:credit_card: - AMEX pot - if/when I spend on my AMEX I’ve got a pot to cover it. Use an IFTTT and Shortcuts integration to add amounts on the fly.
:desert_island: - Holiday for 2020 fund - as a Easy Access Savings pot

I thought Pots were ordered in the order they were made though? Weirdly my ISA has moved around on the list.


Pot jinx :rofl::raised_hands:

:no_mouth: :monzocard:

:shopping_cart: Food Shop - where I put aside my grocery budget
:shopping: Shopping Budget - any spending money for the month for clothes etc, basically anything not grocery related
:cherry_blossom: Future Tattoo - locked round up pot with a goal, saving to get my first tattoo :scream:
:moneybag: Savings - ISA pot
:baby: Regular Pot with money specifically for buying things for my daughter - child benefit goes in there!
:receipt: Bills Pot - for my committed spends :blush:


Freakin love your childcare pot!


Think all of these are pretty self explanatory!

  • :balance_scale: Safe Deposit Box Pot (1p challenge)
  • :greece: Crete Countdown Pot (made it on the 100th day before we fly. I transfer £1 every day in it)
  • :moneybag: Spending Tax Pot (round ups and £1.50 every card transaction IFTTT)
  • :sunny: Holiday Pot
  • :moneybag: The Bill Pot
  • :oncoming_bus: Weekly Bus Pass Pot

Super 6 Prize Pot… jinx! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In order:

Coin Jar: Round up everything. Can’t stand unrounded numbers. All my other pots have rounded up numbers, everything leftover gets dumped into here.

Plus Jar: Monzo Plus. Pity Monzo don’t give transactions to themselves any love, slightly ironic. Would have been nice to make it a bill pot.

Transport Jar: IFTTT withdraws money from it every time my Oyster auto-top charges me.

Interest Jar: I put all the interest I get into here (rounded away to the Coin Jar), keeps a nice little tally.

Credit Card Jar: My bill pot for paying off my credit card.

Pending income: Any extra income I make during the month that I put away and withdraw when my salary hits. This month is lunch expenses I expensed whilst the restaurant at work moved away for a bit, which got reimbursed sooner than I thought, plus £100 from First Direct for switching away from them.

  1. ISA pot for main savings.
  2. Coin Jar.
  3. Paybacks. This is for when I pay for tickets on my credit card (for the miles) and friends pay me back. I put it in the Payback pot, and it stops me spending it for when the bill comes.

Personal Account;

  • Monzo Plus top-up pot (£3 legacy Plus) - wish Plus could be treated like a D/D so pay-from-pot would work…

Joint Account;

  • Bills pot - all D/D’s paid from here, need S/O’s and subscriptions to complete the horror
  • Holiday - currently depleted as we’ve recently returned from one
  • Xmas - currently empty as we used it while on said holiday, with only 2 payday’s to go (gulp)

Keeping finances simple!

  • Emergency fund for woopsies
  • Florida 2020 :desert_island:
  • Standard savings with no goal in mind
  • Bills, as the name suggests but my personal bills
  • AMEX bill pot which uses IFTTT
  • Car insurance bill pot that uses IFTTT (I use ByMiles to pay for mileage)

On our joint:

  • Furniture fund for when we move in to our new home
  • Joint bills covers our shared bills like mortgage, life insurance, council tax etc
  • Joint rainy day, for those awful days :umbrella:

I have

Savings Pot - for general savings
House Pot - saving up for new bathroom, could take a while!
Opticians - cost me a fortune every few years so thought best save up
Holiday - round ups go in here and pound a day so builds up without noticing really
Just looking at sorting out bills pot ready for next payday

I Have…

Bills Pot - for all my Bills, Direct Debits and Standing Orders

Savings Pot - just in case I have a shilling or two left at the end of the month.

Save the Change Pot

Rainy Day Pot - for when it rains in Wales (this gets used a lot)

Hot Pot - for when the temperature goes over 20 degrees