Why the neglect for joint account customers?

When joint accounts launched just over a year ago I was over the moon as I thought the time had finally come when we could stop using our HSBC joint account and move to Monzo.

All I was waiting for with join accounts were the basics, CASS and an overdraft facilities. Now a year later overdrafts are nowhere to be seen and i’m still stuck with HSBC.

I had assumed after the launch of JA things would move fast and they would be brought up to feature parity with single accounts but unfortunately this hasn’t happened. As well as overdrafts IFTTT still hasn’t been added and there may well be other things as well.

Over the last year we’ve seen other new areas emerge such as Monzo Plus and launching in to new countries yet we don’t even have a fully featured joint account. Isn’t it worth focusing initially on getting the foundations fully fleshed out before expanding into new territory?

My other fear at the time was that when new features are released they would only come to single accounts and then maybe they might come to JA later. This unfortunately appears to be the case as Monzo plus only appears to be for single account and I’ve seen no announcement that they are coming to JA. Hopefully this won’t be the case with the upcoming bill pots?

I, like others solely use the JA and my single account is never used. As things stand at the moment I feel like JA customers are treated like a second class citizen by Monzo. I really believe they should consider all their customers when they release new features and ensure they work for all.

So Monzo please sort out JA to ensure we enjoy the same benefits as single account users and also please ensure anything new you bring out works with JA. Thanks


I am also a little disappointed about the feature disparity between personal and joint accounts. I can live without a JA overdraft, IFTTT and plus but hope they’ll all feature on JAs soon.

I’m pleased to hear that committed spending pots with be JA friendly at launch.


I am also a sole JA user.

uncomfortable silence

Well, apart from my partner-in-JA-crime - MrsW

But I agree with the above comment. Monzo Plus (and therefore interest) and IFTTT integration are the biggest omissions for me/us. One day :soon:


Has this been officialy confirmed then? If so that would be very good news.

Paying bills from pots in joint accounts seems to work on a staff build I have. :eyes:

Very generally, overdrafts are due to not having credit scoring across multiple people sorted, Plus is still in its fairly early days and is applied at a user level, IFTTT I believe is a data sharing consent issue.

All of these are totally solvable though and I encourage y’all to vote these up across the forum in their respective threads if you want them to happen. It genuinely feeds into planning what everybody here at Monzo does next!


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lol Cheque imaging it is then :slight_smile:


Apart from that :wink:

But would you put cheque imaging ahead of more reliable Faster Payments? :wink:


If you want joint account feature parity you’ll need to vote for it in the feedback&ideas area of the forum

Just saying “vote on forum” isn’t really an answer to joint account feature parity. Not all users are on the forum. Also it should be a pretty obvious thing for a bank to do.


Most of us don’t work for Monzo so all we can say is, as you are on the forum, vote for it as Monzo have said that they do take voted ideas into account.

Whether it’s a pretty obvious thing or not is up for debate as well. Given Monzo are a fast growing bank and do updates to areas of their product and services frequently, I hope Joint Accounts are on the next list but there are many other factors to be considered.

I’m a big supporter for JA parity. Just thinking… Is there any research out there as to why Monzo aren’t going down the JA parity line. Ie in other banks do JA accounts (no pun intended) only count for a very small amount of their customer base? Out of a group of my married friends myself and my wife are the only ones who have a joint account.

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I’d guess that it’s more that Monzo are still pretty new and can’t build everything at once, they are revenue driven so Business Accounts are a next focus (as they can charge for those). I’m sure they will aim for parity in the future but might be a while coming.

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I can’t remember seeing stats for the number of joint accounts :thinking:

@simonb are there any figures floating about for joint account numbers please?

I have a joint account with my partner so I would be interested to see this too :slight_smile:

While I’d love more parity between the two, we only use our joint account for joint expenses and primarily use our current accounts. So I don’t see it as critical.

I’ve seen some people mention that their current accounts are dormant so it would be good (if possible) to see stats on JA customers who don’t use their current accounts as well.


I have a joint account that is largely for joint expenses. My personal account is used daily. My partner doesn’t use her Monzo personal account all that much (she still uses her legacy bank as cash deposits are her way of working).

I suppose there will always be a mix of usage. Although I find it slightly frustrating JA don’t have all the features that a solo does, I genuinely understand why this may be the case. It’s completely a personal decision how each couple manage their finances. In my experience of other banks, any benefits I have seen offered to solo accounts is also offered to joint, but maybe others have a different experience of this.

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This is the issue for me. Why should customers who choose to use a joint account have a lesser experience than those who use a single account? Shouldn’t we all expect to have the same access to features?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to just ask people to vote for this as I think it’s something that should be expected and not an optional feature that may be added depending on how popular it proves to be in the voting system.

I’m surprised to hear that finishing off JA and bringing them up to the same level as single accounts isn’t already on the Monzo roadmap.


I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some work being done on this. You are right that with other banks joint accounts are the same as individual accounts.

I guess that with Monzo, individual accounts are more complex than with normal banks - which might explain the difference.

On the other hand, everyone with a JA has access to the features of an individual account, because only Monzo (I think) insists that both parties have individual accounts.