IFTTT Joint Pots?

(Mark) #1

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew if IFTTT was working for joint pots now they are launched. I have just looked and my joint pots are showing in IFTTT but they don’t seem to work. The applets don’t appear to run for any joint account transactions but as I said the pots are selectable.

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(Jack) #2

I’ve heard they work, although I can’t try it myself. Hopefully someone else can confirm.



They do work :boom:

Edit - They don’t :sob:


(Mark) #4

Hmmm well mine don’t appear to be working. I have set a groceries pot to trial. I bought some bread extragavent I know and the transaction came out of my account as usual but no money was moved from the pot. IFTTT didn’t show the applet event attempting to run. I bought breakfast using my personal account and the applet did try to run … maybe I should relink Monzo by IFTTT



Ah, maybe they don’t. I saw them come up as an option so just assumed :see_no_evil:

I guess there needs to be more work from Monzo to select the account.


(Sean) #6

Set it up on a push button just to test and it fails with an error:


(Mark) #7

Anybody from Monzo able to comment on IFTTT integration for joint accounts and pots? Was hoping to use it whilst away transferring foreign currency equivalent from our newly created joint holiday pot :blush:



It looks like joint pots have now been removed from IFTTT, fingers crossed just for the interim whilst they figure out the best way to select an account as well as the pot.

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(Mark) #9

Yeah just seen this myself , I have contacted Monzo through in app chat about IFTTT and joint account / joint pots and have been told this has been passed to a specialist and will be updated in due course.


(Dave Berry) #10

That’s a bummer, I got really excited and set up a billion applets for payday. It looks like they won’t work. :frowning:


(Kieran McHugh) #11

Hi all,
The joint pots should never have been visible because IFTTT only currently supports personal accounts.

We’ve removed the joint pots for now until IFTTT gets support for joint accounts.



(Mark) #12

Thanks for the response any idea of timeline for IFTTT to work with joint accounts?


(Frank) #13

This explains how I was able to initially set them up but they never triggered. And why I can no longer find them in the drop down.

I was about to automate all my pots payments by a web hook for when payday came. Fingers crossed this comes back soon.



I would imagine this would fail as it would be moving your money from one account to another, which IFTTT cannot do. It will be great when it can though, along with incoming payment triggers.


(Frank) #15

Sorry I meant have a one hit button to press when I can see the money come in. Rather than start all the manual moves or set up regular payments on set dates.

So I hit a shortcuts widget or tell Siri it is payday so it can then trigger the web hook to trigger the money into pots :+1:t2:


(Daniel O Williams) #16

Any updates on this?

I have recently set up some great applets and would love to do similar against the joint account.


(David Walton) #17

I’m looking forward to this too;

  • If Monzo Joint Account is debited by WIfe spending at any merchant, then flash all lights red and play ‘Wha wha whaaa’ sound through all Google Home devices
  • If Monzo Joint Account card is taken by Wife into clothes shop, then instantly freeze Monzo Joint Account card

Only joking love!


(Phil) #18

I look forward to IFTTT being functional for joint accounts.

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This actually adds a tremendous amount of functionality to Monzo, I hope it comes to Joint Accounts soon. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that doesn’t have a personal account any more since marriage and kids… haha


(Ted Peeters) #20

Only just found this out! I got a tremendous amount of use out of this for forwarding my receipts to Expensify, but now it looks like I can’t do that from my joint account. I’d prefer to keep my spend within the budget’s I’ve set out in our Joint Account, but now I can’t really. It’s not too much hassle, but for me this was super useful.

Monzo sends notifications whenever you spend, which always prompted me to capture my receipt as soon as I spent something for work on it. I’d either like to see budget summaries across accounts or just… IFTTT brought to joint accounts to help with that.