Change linked account in ifttt

Hi, I originally linked my personal mono to IFTTT but now I’d like to switch that to my joint monzo (that’s where the spending will take place). Any help appreciated!

Hi @acrobatx & welcome :wave:

I want this too, but IFTTT on Joint Accounts isn’t supported unfortunately.


Which is interesting, as the API accepts calls on behalf of joint accounts. @kieranmch - were there/are there specific limitations on IFTTT’s side that prevent this?

I think the issue is that @kieranmch got bored of it and every mention of it since January, basically after they did a presentation on it, has been ignored.

P.S. I’d love to be corrected on this by evidence of some progress being made with IFTTT rather than empty promises.

Kieran’s mentioned a few times that they’re working on Open Banking projects now, which are going to benefit a lot more people than more IFTTT options, in my opinion.

I think that’s a little unfair. IFTTT wasn’t a company priority, it was done as part of their free development time each month along with Simon VC. Kieran has had his head in open banking in time for the deadline, and nothing but for the last 6 months.


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