I have a personal beef with the IFTTT: the very idea of connecting my banking and money to some external bridges/scripts - which often require full access to my gmail accounts etc - feels very wrong to me.

That’s why I’m hoping that Monzo will not rely too much on external plugins like this and instead finish developing its own, internal bulletproof system to do with tagging, rules, smart folders, transaction exports etc.

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I think that Monzo might be monitoring IFTTT for popular features to make native. I like that approach - no-one has to use anything they don’t want to, but they get data for improvement.

Personally I’d love a fully fledged native rules engine. Unlikely to happen, though :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes, me too.

It’d be a shame if it hasn’t - every crucial personalised system these days, be it an OS file management, itunes playlist, email client, and now hopefully banking - uses rules, smart folders and similar things to streamline what used to be last generation’s manual tedium.

I really hope Monzo won’t shut their door on it, I believe there’s a way to balance that with accessibility, let’s hope they will find that balance.

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I hope/think that Monzo will find the right balance. We were talking about smart folders over here, strangely enough. I think something like that would bring a lot of utility naively within the app, but things like integration with Fitbit (e.g. add £1 to a pot for every mile I run) might be best done via something like IFTTT.

Absolutely, agreed.

To be perfectly honest with you most of the stuff I’ve seen with IFTTT so far are gimmicks though I’m sure it’ll expand with time. That is not to dismiss IFTTT as useless - it’s great when you’re after such tailored extravagance, but I’d never consider them core functionality of a banking/personal finances management served such as Monzo.

Everything I am after falls within the bounds of a strong, core personal finance management so here’s to hoping it’ll not get outsourced to IFTTT-type external tools.

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To be honest I’ve kind of stopped using IFTTT now that the only feature I was really using has been added natively to Monzo: being able to schedule transfers between pots.

Since discovering IFTTT through Monzo, however, I now do use it for other completely unrelated things, like rainy days notifications. But that’s a different story :umbrella:

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I did this initially as a fun way of weather notification, then realised I was aggressively saving too much (my rainy day pot puts £5 in when raining, instead of taking out).
I tried to lower it to £3, then £2, but my feed was too cluttered from multiple notifications daily and half my balance would be in the pot :weary: for context I lived in Manchester where it practically rained every day.

Same here, I’ve stopped moving money around with ifttt because of this :frowning:️. Would be good to have some way to group it hide the ifttt stuff

I know exactly what you mean! In fact I meant I now use IFTTT for weather notifications only, basically it just tells me if I need to carry an umbrella. No Monzo action connected to it.

I would quite like to be able to “collapse” specific transactions if a lot are made a day. Would make scrolling a lot easier :slight_smile:

@stefanocarlo ah sorry I misunderstood you! I assumed you were using it as a means of notification through Monzo + saving :sweat_smile:


Hey all, I’ve just split this off as its own topic from the Introduce Yourself thread :slight_smile:


100% agree with this. I use IFTTT to move money around and my feed is now absolutely chock a block. Would love collapsible transactions in my feed.

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