Home Address not showing up

Hi , I am new to Monzo and trying to make an account. Unfortunately, my home( residence address) is not coming under scroll down list within the post code i put in to find the address. I was trying to do fill in my address manually but the app does not allow to do that or may the option is not available.

Please help how i can solve this problem to fill the address manually or an alternative ?


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The solution is to check back periodically to see if your address then appears. Monzo won’t process your application manually or allow you to enter your address manually.

In the mean time make sure it shows on the royal mail database.

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Hey Chandra :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

To open a Monzo account for you, we’ll need to verify your address using a postcode lookup. We use a third party service to run these checks which relies on the Royal Mail database. If you can’t find your address using your postcode, please report it to Royal Mail here.

If Royal Mail accepts the report and adds the address to their database, it should be updated within the app within a few weeks. We recommend waiting at least 10 working days before trying again. If you’re still having trouble after the 10 working days, then just send us an email to help@monzo.com and we’ll see what we can do to help! :hammer_and_wrench:


Thanks for the feedback ! I have checked accordingly on Royal Mail data base and the address is showing up on Royal Mail .

Kindly update the address database in the app.


Just to be clear, I don’t work for Monzo so it’s not my responsibility to update the address database.

On the other hand Alan (who commented above) does - so as he mentions trying again in 10 working days is your next course of action :slight_smile:

Hi Ordog. Thanks for the clarification and information. I will relay my question to Alan.
Thanks ,Chandra

No problem at all :slight_smile:

I think he covered that in his last message by indirectly saying that the database is periodically updated. So checking back in a few days is what you need to do.

I’m sure he can clarify and I hope you get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t hold out much hope of it being updated, these never seem to get resolved when other people have asked about it.

It’s not actually RM, there’s an API link between them, someone else and Monzo. Someone found who it was and got a resolution, but I can’t find the thread. His was only resolved because he went above and beyond to battle it himself, but unless you do the same, you’re not going to be able to have a Monzo account at your current address I expect.


Wasn’t there one chap who managed to find out (though he didn’t say how) the precise company Monzo source their address data from*, and was eventually able to hassle them into fixing their database?


That’s the guy I meant, but despite my best efforts of “RM”, “Royal Mail” and “API” I can’t find his post.

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Was it not PAF?

In that there is a difference between physical addresses (on the normal Royal Mail database) and postal addresses because the latter have more information attached to them which can be used for verification purposes.

So Monzo use this service instead: https://www.poweredbypaf.com/


I didn’t even know Monzo existed when that was posted, so the one I’m thinking of is definitely more recent.

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Here’s the thread:


Am I missing it or did they refuse to disclose who it was in the end? :confused:

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Good searching!

Annoyingly I saw that thread title a few times but didn’t bother looking/clicking as I was focussed on the ones that I thought were address/RM related.

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Hello… :wave: I’ve been summoned!

I’m the person who managed to (eventually) get my address showing on Monzo. You’re right, I never mentioned in the original thread exactly how I did it. Back when I was trying to figure this out, I asked Monzo’s support team outright who provided the addresses, and they refused to tell me, so they obviously have their reason.

I didn’t want to disclose it on Monzo’s own forum, and risk inviting the wrath of the powers–that–be — so forgive me for being slightly cryptic!

But here are some clues to help you out…

  1. Your address must be listed with Royal Mail as a prerequisite — but, this is not where Monzo’s address lookup sources the data from.
  2. Once your address is showing up with Royal Mail — in a totally unrelated matter — go and check your free credit score with the Big 3 credit rating agencies.
  3. Maybe try and register with each one in alphabetical order? (No particular reason… Honest… :thinking:)
  4. You may (or may not) find that the address lookup on the first one’s registration screen is also unable to find your home address. Funny, that.
  5. If that’s the case, phone them up and request your address is added. Wait 4-6 weeks, then try and check your credit score again. You should be able to sign up this time. Congratulations on completing this entirely irrelevant side-quest! :tada:
  6. Come back to Monzo and try and register. You never know, maybe something might have magically changed in the interim. Who knows. :man_shrugging:

(Note that I signed up for Monzo about 9 months ago. They may, possibly, have changed provider since then, but based on comments here it doesn’t look like it.)

Have fun!


Very cleverly worded - I like it and very useful information. Thank you.

We get a few of these topics popping up so now we can at least point people in the right direction :slight_smile:


Damn prerequisite totally alphabet also ltd

I’ve saved your post ready for next time! Great work @JackW2


It makes you wonder what other services people would struggle to sign up to since this is data supplied by one of the leading credit reference agencies.