Trying to open an account Jan 2021

Can anyone help, my address cannot be found, yet the flats around me in my building are listed.
My apt is listed on the address finder on Royal Mail so it appears Monzo is using an old version or a third party version that is not up to date. Calling is futile, and the question is not covered in FAQ either. In other words there is no way for me to open an account as my address is not on the database Monzo uses.

Hi Christian & welcome :wave:

This will be one for Monzo to sort out with you unfortunately, probably via email:

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

If the below doesn’t work:

If your address is in the Royal Mail database then it would seem that others have found that when they checked the following week that their address had appeared.

Hey Ordog, your bug theory makes sense, thanks

Here is the response I received>for those who can bothered to read it. The upshot is that they refuse to rectify this with their third party supplier. So, they admit there is a glitch and will not go into detail of why they won’t bring their database in line with Royal Mail. Good Luck!

Hello Christian,
My name’s Kat and I’m part of the team that handles complaints at Monzo. I’m writing to let you
know that we’ve completed our review of your recent complaint and that this is our final
response. Thank you for your patience whilst we investigated.
Our final response: We’re unable to uphold your complaint
● I’m afraid we’re unable to uphold your complaint because our systems have acted
correctly and we’ve acted in line with our regulatory guidelines and internal procedures.
I want to ensure that we’ve fully addressed your concerns so there is more detail about our
rationale for our decision on each of the above points and the next steps below.
Our understanding of your complaint
● You’re unhappy that you’re unable to sign up for a Monzo account and feel our systems
aren’t up-to-date as your address is on the Royal Mail website.
Our decision in more detail
I’m really sorry that you’ve had reason to complain, I can imagine this situation has been very
frustrating and I’m sorry if it’s caused you to doubt the integrity of our service.
We’re grateful for your interest in Monzo, and I’m sorry that we are unable to offer you an
account with us. I can imagine this outcome has been frustrating, and I’m sorry for any
inconvenience it has caused you.
Unfortunately our controls have changed recently and we’re currently unable to accept
addresses that do not appear in the dropdown list. We are working with our address suppliers
but do not have a date when this may change. As such, at this time we are unable to offer you
Monzo Bank Limited (Monzo) is a company registered in England and Wales (No. 09446231) registered at Broadwalk House, 5
Appold Street, London EC2A 2AG. Monzo is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial
Conduct Authority and the PRA. Our Financial Services Register number is 730427.
Monzo Bank
Broadwalk House,
5 Appold Street,
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Complaint Reference: 99068
an account. We are incredibly sorry about this inconvenience as I understand how frustrating
this must be for you.
However, following a thorough review of your complaint, I’m afraid I’m unable to overturn our
decision. I’m afraid we can’t give any further information about why we have made this decision
or discuss the reasoning behind this.
I appreciate this likely isn’t the outcome you were hoping for, but I hope the explanation I’ve
provided will go some way towards clarifying our position.

SO, I welcome the community’s suggestion of which of the competitors to apply to?

Starling is the nearest competitor to Monzo. In many ways, it’s a better bank, but I prefer the Monzo app.