Address not shown on Monzo but in Royal Mail Postcode Finder

I have tried registering for a Monzo account, however upon typing in my postcode, the flats only go up to 10. I live in a student housing facility and it is located at property 11. Since Monzo is based on the Royal Mail postcode service, I typed my postcode in over there and low and behold it showed my address, along with many other flats missing from the Monzo app. I have contacted Monzo both via e-mail and Twitter, getting the same response about how their service is based on the Royal Mail service and to notify the Royal Mail of my missing address, however my address clearly is not missing on their service and I am almost certain that they will tell me that they cannot help me, as their service is clearly showing my address. Now I am at my wits end :disappointed:. I read on a different thread that it might be a UI issue that cuts off at a certain address but I am not sure if this is the case? Would appreciate any help!

Details to reproduce: Signing up
OS: iOS 13.7
Device: iPhone X
**App Version:**3.49.0


There must be a bug as there have been multiple threads of the past few weeks with people reporting this. I wonder if @AlanDoe or @Dan5 could possibly feed this back to someone to check out?

I would email Monzo back and make it very clear that your flat number is showing up on the Royal Mail address database and so the issue must be with Monzo systems.


Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, as explicitly as I have tried to word it, I get the same customer service-esque reply about their service being based on the Royal Mail one :woozy_face: One employee finally understood my issue after I replied to their response and the answer was ”Ah okay, if it is correct with them it can take up to 6 weeks to be updated in our system too.“ Which still doesnt really help me, as my student housing facility isnt really new and I doubt the Royal Mail received any new information about this facility under 6 weeks ago… :weary: I was really counting on Monzo as I just moved here from Germany and any other traditional bank is taking veeeery long due to COVID and now Im stuck without a card! I wouldn‘t mind sharing my address as it is a temporary shared housing facility for me, in case anyone wants to try entering it and see if it works for them!
Many thanks

Try opening a Starling account


As @gt94sss2 said. I opened a Starling account in a few hours.


I’ll look into it, thank you!

Okay, thank you! The Monzo thing is still such a bummer :sob:

Same for me!
[redacted by @SouthseaOne] is not visible only on Monzo, Royal see it!

Hi Andrew

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I would never generally do this, but in this specific case I have used my ability to edit posts to redact your address, given that this is a publicly visible forum

If you have an issue with a specific email address then I suggest emailing with details


Thanks a lot and sorry for troubles!

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