Address isn't on the list but it could be found on Royal Mail Website

I am trying to open an account with Monzo, and get stuck at the step of address verification. When I type in the postal code in Monzo app, the flat number isn’t listed there. The app says it’s using Royal Mail’s database.
However, when I check on Royal Mail website, I am able to find my flat number.
Could anyone tell me what to do next?
Thank you

A number of people seem to have had this issue recently and there have been various threads on this recently.

One example and and the suggestion to contact Monzo is at [Trying to sign a new user up] List of addresses never reach the end of the list

@AlanDoe @Dan5 Could someone escalate this issue internally for a fix please


This is definitely an issue that is coming up almost daily on the forum lately. Not good.

My issue is: the flat number is missed, like “Flat 19, Flat 20, Flat 21, Flat 23”, but there’s no Flat 22

I have exactly the same issue today when I try to sign up, I can find my address using post code on Royal mail website, but not in Monzo app (I can see there are some flats listed in the app but not mine), is there a solution?

p.s. it’s not a new post code or new flat

It’s not a solution per say but Monzo have said that if your address isn’t listed then they can’t offer you an account. All you can do is check back in a week or two to see if it shows.

This has got to be a bug and seems to have been going on for a long time now.

@jil I would definitely send an email to and tell them the address doesn’t come up in the app, and make it very clear that it is registered with Royal Mail and on the Royal Mail postcode finder etc so they don’t refer you to them.

just sent an email to

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Have you looked all the way through the list of addresses for your postcode? I sometimes find my flat listed out of sequence in the list and not where I would expect it to be.

yes, I look through the list, and mine (and a few other numbers) is missing

an update, got a rely from fairly promptly a few days ago, they still think this is a Royal Mail issue, asked me to report this to Royal Mail, so I did, just got a reply from Royal Mail, saying my address is correctly presented in their DB (and I believe them, none of other business like boardband, energy, bank are having this issue), so I guess this is a dead end.

Chase it up with monzo again, send them the response from Royal Mail.

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It’s disappointing that people are still coming across this issue and not getting a resolution. I think it was last summer that the first threads about this started popping up on the forum. In all cases (from memory) their addresses were coming up on the Royal Mail address finder but Monzo were still referring them to Royal Mail for the issue. Surely if the address comes up in the Royal Mail address/postcode finder it can’t be a Royal Mail issue?

Did they say why they think it’s a Royal Mail issue?


I got another response after forwarding Royal Mail’s respons to monzo - “Unfortunately if your address is on the Royal Mail database but not on our list we will be unable to offer you an account, sorry about that.”

good thing stamp duty holiday has been extended, I still have some time to put my flat on the market and get a new flat in order to open a Monzo account.

It is a shame that this issue still persists. Does anyone know if Monzo (or anyone else for that matter) connect via an API to the Royal Mail database for lookups, or if it is a case of manually uploading a new address database every x months?

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I wouldn’t be that determined to get one if they can’t fix an address issue at your end. As you say other business don’t have this problem which you’ve dealt with so it can’t be related to a Royal Mail issue