Monzo app does not recognize postcode in UK registered on royal mail database.

Hay everyone,
I am trying to register a new monzo account. ios app does not recognize my post code and says’ sorry we cant offer you an account if you don’t have a registered uk home address, we cant offer you an account right now.
The post code I am trying to enter is registered at royal mail and I have checked it also from royal mail website. I receive all sorts of mails on this postcode.
What should I do now?

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Is it a home address or a PO Box address? If so try using your home address.

Additionally is it a new build/street? Or even does it match your ID?

Without doing some work yourself, you won’t be able to open an account.

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Garrrrrr I really dislike our reliance on credit agencies. Harumph :triumph:

But well saved.

Hi Muhammad & welcome :wave:

You’re not using a VPN while trying to sign-up by any chance?

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Many Thanks Ashton and davidwalton for your response.

Its not the PO Box nor a new construction or street. One can easily find it on maps just searching with post code.
It also matches my ID, as I said I am receiving all sorts of mails on it.

Someone here asked if I am using a VPN, no I am not using any VPN.

Kindly share your thoughts

Thanks again for your support.

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Thanks for your response,
No I am not using any VPN.


You’re welcome, Are you registered on the electoral roll and is it up to date? Usually the electoral roll is how credit reference agencies get your address. If it’s not up to date it makes applying for things harder as the system can’t automatically prove who you are - if the electoral roll is correct on your credit file (if you’re unsure how to check they’re some companies like credit karma or clear score which are free)

I’ll recommend sending a email to monzo

Or @revels put a explanation above.

Just simply tap the small arrow pointing up to jump to his comment and then tap the home address not showing up

My post outlines the issue and how to resolve it.

Sadly this is something you’ll have to do yourself and it’s not a quick process.

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I’d suggest emailing Monzo ( with all of the specific details about the issue which is stopping you from opening an account. No-one on the forum can help further unfortunately.

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Monzo also won’t help, you’ve to literally go through a manual process in the post which revels linked to. All monzo do is say sorry can’t help (paraphrased)

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