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Just a thought, I’m sure it’s been thought about with the Monzo team…
At the moment to pay in a cheque you have to go to a Pay point and it costs…
why not keep it in house more… for example if I want to pay a cheque into my Lloyds account, what I do is open my Lloyd’s app go to cheq Payin part and photograph the cheque with my iPhone and then Lloyd’s deals with that and it’s in my account ( shown) immediately and able to be drawn on in 3 days…
this surely would reduce the costs of paying in at the pay point…
Just a thought.

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Didn’t realise you could pay in cheques at PayPoint, I thought it was cash only.

Monzo are already working on this:


(Chris Thomas) #23

Would love to be able to hide my locked round up account and then get a nice surprise notification when I hit my goal! Super!

Okay, bye for now.



Feature idea: ability to create disposable virtual card

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(Ashleigh Maude) #25

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this has been said already but I really love the categories that you can specify payments to (transport, groceries, eating out etc). However, it would be really helpful if there was a way to create your own category if your desired one isn’t there! Maybe you could have a ‘create category’ icon and then you could choose a pic for it and create it yourself? I find that sometimes I require a category that doesn’t currently exist.


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(Scott) #27

Hi there!

Just an idea for you guys to consider possibly. When I set up a pot that I want to pay into on a payday to payday basis via a scheduled payment. I am unable to do this as my paydays are 4 weekly rather than monthly. Maybe add an option for 4 weekly scheduled payments into a pot/savings account?

Keep up the good work!


(Jack) #28

So, I had this idea in the morning. That’d be a cool feature to hide the tiny round-up bug above the logos as it always reminds me of the pot. 90% of the time I cannot resist not to spend it when I see those extra coins on my account. :moneybag: #feedback


(Elliot Hague) #29

I would like a way to set custom subscriptions. I have a personal trainer twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday however if I use the card payment from one of these days it doesn’t stick to the same date weekly


(Karl) #30

+1 for this! I’d love to be able to manually input cash transactions, and perhaps even transactions spent on other cards (accidentally paid with the wrong card on Android Pay that was accidentally set as the default card).


(Darren) #31

Any chance of Monzo adding an exchange rate calculator to the App instead of us having to visit a web site?

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(Laura Caldwell) #32

Not sure if this has been suggested but some sort of ‘hidden’ or ‘dark’ pot that hides the total from the main dashboard would be good for savers who like to tuck money away without always seeing how much is being saved would be great.

I still have separate savings account with another bank as I don’t want to be able to see how much I have in my savings all the time!



This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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