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(Richard Cook) #1

Share your feedback on current Monzo features, and new ideas to make things even better.

(Rob) #2
  1. Dark theme
  2. To be able to swipe/pivot through tabs.
  3. Joint accounts
  4. Options for some rules for pots
  5. Interest for pots
  6. Android parity
  7. Website access to account

(Amy) #3

Can Monzo pleaseeeeeee get a button to add in cash spending for when you had to use cash but still want to document it in your monthly spending section! I’m often having to use cash for car parks or markets etc, so I really wish you could enter these outgoings into the app manually so the spending section really is what you’ve spent this month, rather than just how much you used your card for.

For people who get paid into their bank, this wouldn’t be a problem as it would just be a cash withdrawal. But some of us, such as myself, get paid in cash. So I’m super desperate for a cash spent manual input!!

(Tim Banting) #4

How to these get selected as ideas for implementation? is there a review process? How do you judge feedback-?

(Tom Evans) #5

Investing in stocks using coin jar and pots like with Money Box.

(Tom Evans) #6

Also the option of uploading PDF receipts (basically more than just pictures)

(Jonathon Wright) #7

I think Monzo needs to incorporate a Direct Debit pot, to keep these payments separate form everyday spending.

(Benjamin Dyer) #8

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to feedback a small bug I found with joint accounts, but here we go.

Discovered if you add a profile pic (mine is imported from Facebook) on the iOS app, it gets confused with joint accounts. The pic you use for your personal account seems to display for both. Its a little frustrating as its pretty easy to miss which account you are in.

(Dean Norris) #9

Hey there! Firstly I’d just like to say, great job Monzo, the app is absolutely incredible! I love the fact that you can now invest as well as set pots to save extra pennies. Monzo just seems to be giving people the things they actually want and find helpful. This brings me to my suggestion. Because I’m prone to impulse purchases I think it would be great if I could set a withdrawal delay on certain pots. For example I’ve been saving and rounding up in a pot, to prevent me going on a spending splurge I’ve set my pot to a 5 day withdrawal delay. If I want that money, I have to wait! It gives me time to ask myself, “do I really need this thing?”. I really do think that would be helpful to many impulse spenders. Thanks again. Great job.

(Mohsin Hussain) #10

Add “weekdays” as an option for repeating payments

(Mohsin Hussain) #11

Save the last “reference” when sending to an existing payee. For my credit card bill, the “reference” needs to be the “credit card number” - I don’t know this by heart, nor do I want to keep going into my wallet to read the number and type it in as the “reference” every time


Isn’t this already a feature?

(Mohsin Hussain) #13

It wasn’t the last time I tried to make a credit card payment - still had to enter my credit card number as a reference. I very specifically remember how disappointed I was that it didn’t remember the last reference I had put in.

(Mohsin Hussain) #14

Being able to change the category for individual line items rather than having to change the “category” for the all line items by that provider

(Mohsin Hussain) #15

ie. if I go to petrol station and purchase a drink, i’d rather like to categorise that one line item as entertainment rather than it show up as transport

(Harry Bennett) #16

A new app icon for investors!

(Josh Lindl) #17

I like the new feature to have multiple accounts under one contact - great stuff! Can we have an option to merge 2 existing accounts please? For example, I have a Joshua Lindl with Halifax and a Josh Lindl with Nationwide. They don’t appear under the same contact but I would like them to. Thank you

(Oli Braithwaite) #18

I would like to be able to put a percentage figure as a scheduled payment.

For Example:
Transfer half of my coin jar to my locked savings pot at a certain day of the month - rather than a set amount.

(Christopher Ansah) #19

A feature to add scheduled payments by percentage, say monthly 10% of what’s in my current, put into my pot. Makes pot calc and budgeting way more dynamic and easier to automate for long term management of finances.

Could take the feature further and have a way of viewing everything in the budget summary as a percentage figure of the current account: if your committed spending is £100, and you only have £10, it can be shown as £100 or 1000% of current account. Just a fresh way to look at things and can help people (myself) to manage their money better!

(Kevin Dickinson) #20

Suggested Feature for shared tabs.

A friend and I regularly meet up and go out walking and split the costs. With a shared tab it’s easy to split costs in pubs & cafes whoever pays we just add it into the tab. (Thankyou saves a lot of hassle with coins and working it out)

However we also share cost of petrol. It would be great if there was a way of adding mileage on to the shared tab then Monzo multiplying it by a set cost per mile then splitting it 50/50 like it does with payments.