✅ Hiding pots

Hiding pots will help massively when saving, it’s the old principal of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.


yeah I agree

Which part of the interface would you want to change?

As far as I can see, pots are already not particularly visible?


How do you mean they are already hidden somewhat? If I Click accounts there are all your pots. It would be nice to have an option to hide a pot from this view. I have a coin jar set up as well as a pot which receives a daily amount. Not having these visible will mean I am less likely to dip into them.

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I can see you’re point, but by hiding them, you’d still need a button to bring them back, so if you wanted to - A couple of taps and you’d be able to see them again (all be it through a little more friction).

I don’t think the pots should be hidden (personally, watching my totals go up gives me more of an incentive, but that’s just me).

If I wanted them “out of sight”, I’d transfer them to a legacy bank account and just keep them there.


I’m not so sure, personally I like to see my pots grow.

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At least in the iOS app, you have to swipe on the accounts page to see any pots; you have to actively go look them out.

I’m on the side of being able to see them and even making them easier to see, currently there is a lot of wasted space on the pots page, I’d rather see them all without the need to scroll, I’m kinda thinking (dare I say it) a Windows phone tile style page… :slight_smile:

Each pot would get a tile and show just the name and the current balance, click on it for any other action like add \ withdraw \ set due date \ set target amount \ set regular saving \ shared pot option. Etc etc etc



I’m at the age where I spend 5 minutes after walking into a room trying to remember why I went in there in the first place, and you want to put that many options right in front of me? :joy::joy::joy:

I think it would look far too busy, not a fan of that one :wink:

I am. The result of 2 years with a Nokia Lucia in my recent past.

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I like this idea, perhaps you could have a button at the end of the (horizontal) list of Pots to tap to view hidden Pots. Then you wouldn’t see the balance in your hidden Pots by accident - I’m assuming that’s what you mean by ‘out of sight, out of mind’ @KyleRisi?


Agreed. Personally I think Pots are already quite hidden. If we were to hide Pots then it’d probably be replaced with a small icon saying “you have x no of pots hidden” or something which may end up taking up similar space to what’s already there.


I personally think this would be a great idea.

I prefer to completely forget about pots (in my own system they do not count towards what money I have) and then have a nice surprise when I actually choose to look at it.

At the moment you can see your pot when entering accounts, its balance, as well as adding money to it. When I do that my money automatically registers “Oh I have extra xxGBP to spend”, and it’s hard to stop thinking about it :smiley:

This option would be perfect if it made interaction with pots (setting changeable for each pot or global) so that you don’t see its balance unless you really want to


I agree. With the feature for scheduling payments to/from pots it could be quite easy to pay-and-forget about pots (which, IMO, is a good thing). I think it’s very easy to facilitate both use cases:

  • I want to be able to see my pots so I can watch them grow - kaching - kapow - kablammy
  • I want to be able to hide my pots, because out of sight, out of mind - Also kaching - kapow - kablammy

But how can someone create an interface for this?!


(On android)

Hiding a pot

  1. Go to the account page
  2. Go to the respectivce pot you wish to hide
  3. Click the :gear:
  4. Select the option to 'Hide pot"
  5. Become great at saving

Revealing pots

  1. Go to the account page
  2. Click the account level :gear: at the top of the page
  3. Find an option like ‘Manage pots’
  4. Flip a switch to show/hide pots individually
    • Monzo already facilitates a 3rd level navigation in ‘Block gambling transactions’ and ‘Statement history’

Revealing pots (An alternative)

  1. Go to the account page
  2. scroll to the bottom
  3. See the ‘Hidden pots’ bar (much like the account overdraft bar), tap on it
  4. Repeat step 4 from above

How’s about that?

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This is a fantastic idea

Hi Monzo,

I think it would be great to be able to hide pots. Especially the ones that round up. Out of site out of mind as they say. Having them visible can easily make you spend all your money when your trying to save!:weary:

Hi @Tkan moved your post over to here since it’s already been raised and chatted about! Be great to get your input on what’s been discussed so far! :raised_hands:t2:

@Tkan you might find @MakingMonzo’s Tweet interesting

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I’d like this feature too. Going to your pots and seeing your overall balance makes you feel like you have more money. I currently transfer most of my money to another account when I’ve reach goal and some money I transfer our direct just so I can’t see the money and therefore think I have less and therefore spend less.
Ideally I want to keep all my money with Monzo and being able to have a hidden pot which doesn’t affect the overall balance displayed would be perfect!
Personally I locking them I don’t think will make much difference I want one hidden.

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