Feedback - new layout

Hi, some feedback on the recent layout changes. Although it has taken a few days to get used to it I’m now in favour of the new Home Screen but one thing I don’t like is the new pot transfer screens, I often have to send money to multiple pots and now there are just two many clicks and I really miss the up and down buttons.


Discussion and feedback for this is all happening over here :point_down:

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I don’t like how the “left to spend” feature is a box above the balance and not how it was before where it just said it under the balance section. I’m not keen on the new layout. Does the direct debits still show up when they are due in a few days in the transaction section? Also how many does it show as the box only looks small.


It shows them all upcoming, plus 3 transactions, so you still get a decent view.


There’s some A/B testing going on with this I think as well. I’ve seen 3 different versions.

  1. They get their own box.
  2. They show above your 3 most recent transactions individually.
  3. They show above your 3 most recent transactions, but as a single item.

I had option 2, and then option 3, and then it went back to option 2 :melting_face:


Think I’m still on Option 3! Or I was at the start of the month when all my direct debits were due.

My mom has option 1.


Thank you @Carlo1460 . I’ve only been gone a few months from monzo and loads has changed lol


I’m not a fan of the new layout. It’s not “Monzo”. The way the cards are currently laid out isn’t as easy to manage, and the minimalist design of the pots is a bit too minimalist. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and it’s just not sticking. I did try it, just not a fan. When it’s introduced I hope there’s a way to continue to use the old layout.


There’s a 100% certainty that this won’t happen. Change is coming, it’s still in testing and you can keep adding feedback here. FWIW I also couldn’t gel with the UI and it was one of the reasons I stopped banking with Monzo.

App Evolution: now in Monzo Labs!


It’s new Monzo.

It’s an adjust or jump unfortunately, the new layout does grow on you eventually.

So I played with the new layout for a bit but switched back to the old one because all I really want is to get directly to that long list of transactions in my main account. Granted, it’s just one extra tap to get to that list in the new layout, but for me it’s one tap too many.

When I open the Monzo app it’s almost always because I’m responding to some notification/confirmation or because I’m looking for a transaction that happened in the past week or even further back. So all the relevant action is in the transactions list.

And much less frequently I’m looking for things like account statements or settings or look at the business account.

What would be great is if I could add shortcuts to those less frequently used places at the top of the homescreen. I always have trouble finding the account statements for instance, so putting a shortcut on the homescreen would help a lot.


If you see the activity card (list of recent transactions) under your accounts list, you just tap see all and you’re on the list of transactions for your main account.

Perhaps it is just me but have just logged in to check a few things and the new layout ‘appeared’. If you want know just how to cock up something decent and replace it with something silly this is it.

Monzo aren’t going to change it nor are they likely to keep two app designs running.

It does grow eventually though.

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You mean “it’s crap” and “I hate it” isn’t the feedback that mean Monzo keep the current version?

I am shook!


Yes, that’s what I was referring to when I said that there was just one extra tap to get to the full list.

I prefer the old interface because it doesn’t require this extra step.


No need to keep two app designs. They just have to make the new customisation options flexible enough to let us create something similar to the old interface.

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Ahh yes, sorry, I only remembered having the Home Screen account list as entry to old app, and then you’d tap into the account to view transactions.

Think that was a short lived trial though until they rolled out the new layout.

My apologies.