One of the real reasons of getting Monzo is/was

(Chris Black) #1

My real reason of getting Monzo from the beginning was because of the app, on how grea the app and heard that Monzo will have the option to add savings categories like;
Tattoo etc…
And where you can always add and take money out of that categories and create standing orders for it. I don’t knoe if that will happen ? But I still hope to be on their to do list !
So is that going to happen ? That feature is a very important one, how many banks doesn’t have a proper one…

Woule be amaz!

(Hugh) #2

I think there is an existing thread on this @alexs?


Take a look at the Pots thread. I think what you are going for is on the roadmap for the next 6-12 months.

(Chris Black) #4

Omg, so it was added on the 4th of May, so like another 3-4 :heart:

(Alex Sherwood) closed #5

Here’s the thread that nobanker mentioned, if you have any feedback on the design / functionality, please post it there :raised_hands: