Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

:wave: We’ve been working hard on a big update to the Monzo experience. There’s lots here for everyone, and we think Monzo Plus and Premium customers especially are going to love it.

Starting today you’ll be able to see a combined breakdown of your income, spending and saving across all your cards and accounts, be they Monzo or any others you’ve connected. This info will live in a new tab called Trends, giving you visibility of your entire financial life with just one tap.

We’ve got big ambitions for Trends, which we want to become the home for money management and budgeting in Monzo going forwards. For now the experience is really simple, a combined spending total and a list of category totals. See what you’ve spent and where by toggling different accounts on and off and explore previous months by hitting the calendar icon.

We’re automatically excluding transactions we think are Income, Transfers and Savings from the spending total. However, we know everyone thinks about their finances slightly differently, so Trends is built to be flexible – you can recategorise anything, even pot deposits & withdrawals.

Some of you might be wondering what’s going to happen to Summary amidst all of this and I want to reassure you that it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. We know lots of you rely on it and whilst longer-term we see Trends replacing it, that won’t happen until Trends has caught up with what Summary does (and a whole lot more :sparkles:).

We’re releasing Trends to a select few Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium customers today to get feedback and develop it properly. Soon after, Trends will be available for all Monzo customers to use. You’ll need to be on version 3.93 or newer to see the changes. Let us know what you think, especially keen to hear how our default categorisation is working for you :pray:


This is awesome, great work!

I’m eagerly checking my app but no sign yet. When is the cut off to know if I wasn’t one of the lucky few?


It will take us a few hours to finish the rollout today, and we may do some more throughout the week. So keep an eye out on your app! :eyes:


Are there going to be more cards added anytime soon?


This looks like something with a lot of potential. I don’t have Plus/Premium myself, but will eagerly wait to hear others experiences


This looks great (although looking forward to trying it out to see fully). As above, for me to really make use of this I need to be able to connect all my cards and currently I cannot connect my Sainsburys CC. Without that I can’t fully use this so eager for more cards to be added.

@benstrak Also - Does this remove spend on bill splits if the person I’ve made the request to pays me back? That is one of the main issues I have with Summary right now.


As a data nerd, please pick me!


This looks amazing, well done to the team!


So this is what you’ve been teasing the last few weeks in the TestFlight changelogs lol

can’t you make it an option in Monzo labs till its available for everyone? so the ones most likely to want to test early and give feedback are able to.

staged roll outs are annoying lol.


Can’t wait for this bit. Sounds awesome. Hope it looks more towards trying to do things how Simple did them rather than the current summary.

Looks great though. Pls share your thoughts plus folk!


Yes that’s right. When people pay you back on a bill split, that credit will automatically appear in the same category and reduce the category spending total :+1:


We don’t have any news to share about more cards or accounts, I’m afraid – but it’s on our radar.




Oooooh, I’d love to try this and I’m a Monzo Plus subscriber (and use Monzo as my main current account and joint account).

Hopefully, I’ll be in the group!


seems very in line with Monzo’s overall product direction. Good to see a nice clear product direction finally emerging! I did get a bit worried for a while that it was just ‘develop slightly random features and put them behind a paywall’ for a bit but this feels like it will link up a lot of different things.

I can see it will have a long way to go. On first release, will ‘exclude from summary’ also exclude from trends? if it doesn’t, is there a way from excluding stuff from trends ooi?


Great work, can’t wait to try it.

Are Joint Accounts included?
I’m going to drop an egg if they are.

And we can continue to trust @Dan5 as always now.


Exclude from Summary won’t exclude from Trends, we’re re-thinking how we might want this to work. Right now, if you want to exclude something from spending in Trends you can put it into one of the excluded categories


Yep! You can use Trends for your joint account, unify your joint and personal spend into one, or unify your joint spend with your other connected accounts spend!


Best. day. ever? :rofl:


This sounds fantastic, and I can’t wait to read people’s experiences and eventually use it myself. From a product strategy perspective, to expand on what @breville_monkey said, this is exactly how I hoped Monzo would develop features. Instead of keeping everything new and interesting out of the basic account, make things widely available but where possible Plus and Premium members get extra benefits/enhancements.