Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️

Hey, I’m Rore. I’m the Product Marketing Manager for Monzo Plus and Premium. I joined Monzo earlier this year. I know the community provide a lot of support and great feedback so I wanted to join the conversations and announce new features coming through.

:wave: Today I’m very excited to lift the veil on the next step of our vision for Trends: an interactive graph of your balance super-powered by connected accounts, Pots and payment prediction.

Keep your finger on the pulse

People loved Pulse because it let you see how quickly you were spending - super helpful when you’re trying to keep an eye on outgoings. With the new line graph in Trends, it’s now once again much easier to keep track of your money from payday to payday.

Touch down to investigate

Touch down on the line graph to see exactly what you spent (or earned) that day and in which categories. Or drill down into the totals for a more detailed picture.

See what you’ve got left to spend

We can detect upcoming payments across all your connected accounts if you have Monzo Plus or Premium, so wherever you’re paying bills we’ll show when they come out on your graph and what you’ll have left over. You can spend with the confidence that you won’t get caught short.

Track savings progress too

Pots is now live in Trends too, which means you can see how your savings are adding up over time. Monzo Plus and Premium customers can even see savings growth over an entire year with the yearly graph.

The balance view graph will live in a new view one tap away from your regular spending graph. All Monzo customers will get access to the current month balance graph, and Monzo Plus and Premium will get access to all graphs, including previous months and yearly views.

You’ll need to be on iOS 4.41.0 or Android 4.41.0 or newer to see the changes. Let us know what you think! :pray:

Please note we are rolling out this feature to Monzo customers starting today. So if you don’t see it in your Monzo app just yet, you’ll be getting it soon :grin:

Monzo Plus is £5 per month • 3 month minimum • Must be aged 18+ • T&Cs apply

Monzo Premium is £15 per month • 6 month minimum • Must be aged 18-69 • Ts&Cs apply


*runs upstairs to grab phone


I guess it is slowly being rolled out?

I’m on the latest version and nothing here yet


Nothing for me :frowning: Looks very cool though!


In lieu of @Peter_G

Do you have it?

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  • bar charts 4 life
  • Trends?

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That’s right, we’ve just started rolling it out today, you should have it soon!


Thanks Aris,

Hoping that it’s a soon soon and not a :soon: :wink:


sings “Return of the Pulse” to the tune of “Return of the Mack”



Wondering how long it will take for a “who’s got it?” poll to appear…


You’re already too late :rofl:


Firstly, thank you @RoreEricaOkoh @avb et al for the amazing engagement and keeping us up to date on what’s happening and when. It’s super appreciated.

Still waiting for this, so I’ll reserve my comments until I’ve had a play around.

When you are able can we have an update on what’s happening in terms of summary and trends merging? I know this is likely the start of that journey but feels like three wheels of a car while we still have to click elsewhere to get the fourth.

Would be ace to get and update when possible




I’d show, but my overdraft is depressing rn. :joy:


Show as in there’s more to see but not at customer level? :eyes:

Does the old new Pulse graph allow you to show only discrationary spending through some mechanism? (perhaps by excluding the bills category?). IMHO Pulse was excellent when Monzo was a pre-paid card because people used it exclusively for discretionary spending and as a de-facto “envelope budgeting” money management system - pre-load at the beginning of the month, notice you’re spending too quick via the Pulse graph, slow up a bit. But if the graph shows giant (expected) drops like “rent/mortgage went out” or “payment to the nursery went out” then… I don’t think it’s that useful as a visual indicator? Depends on how this interacts with the bills pot? If you can get a good view of your discretionary spending through it, then that would be great.


You can choose what Pots and accounts are shown and filter out your Bills Pot :smiling_face:


Controversial opinion but is there even a point offering a free account since a major part of trends functionality is essentially “paywalled” now.


Hot damn!