Introducing graphs on Trends

I still haz no graph.


I may have missed it, but should everyone on Plus/Premium have the Trends tab, or only a select few?


Still nothing, is there some sort of timeline for this rollout to complete?

Or has it been frozen due to tweaks being made based of some great comments above?

Back with Monzo after a “sabbatical” with another bank (it begins with an N)

Got to say, trends is really nice. It’s what drew me back tbh…so nice one.

Just adding my voice (may have been raised already)

Two things that would make this next level;

  • Combining budget and summary together (Ala RBS etc) - I personally found this really useful and handy to see budgeting.
  • Set custom date; for me personally until this happens trends isn’t really all that useful as it’ll be perpetually wrong cos I get paid quite early in the month, so it’ll miss out a fortnight of spends, and I’ll need to keep cross referencing budgets to see what I actually spent paycheck to pay check.

Just some thoughts, nice job Monzo on this one, looks slick


Custom date is a need for me too as it all just looks odd otherwise :sweat_smile: welcome back btw :tada::rocket:


That’s the plan with Trends… eventually :soon:

Ah yes, the Monzo “Soon”

Well, it’s still cool and I’m really looking forward to seeing it iterate over time


I still haz no graph.

But I now have… :drum:

Trends Period Picker!


Now… If only they would enable swipe left / right on the chart to change months… the current method is a bit of a chore…


I don’t see this :sweat_smile:

Random one.
I have this selected but I’ve never received any type of notification around this. Has anyone else? What do they look like?

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Please tell me they’ve fixed the get-paid-early issue! :pray:

For me the final bar on the graph is misleading as it includes payments for the whole week, including those made after your reset date… As you can see, the chart doesn’t accurately reflect the £965 total. I would much prefer it if the graph was restricted to the period start-end dates…


Have trends but not the option to set a start date just runs monthly

Which one is that? - Although I can’t test until the 16th, which is the next BACS credit into our accounts.

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For Summary, you can set your date within a few parameters. So, for example, you can set it to be the last day, or the last working day, of the month.

But if you use Get Paid Early, you get a day or so in Summary where it still thinks it’s the last month. Basically, everything needs to be set to Day -1, or the date reset to be driven by salary receipt rather than than a date, but it doesn’t work like that.

That was a bit wordy. Does that make sense?

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I think it was on todays Android test flight thing


Yep, updated and it’s here.

(It’s deeply underwhelming)

That made total sense. But I don’t think that particular issue is fixed/changed. I’ll try it next time I can claim a payment early.

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Hopefully this will come to iOS (Soon)