Splitting bills & how it appears in spending summary



When I split a utility bill, or rent, with my partner. The bills and rent show in the committed spending section. I select ‘split bill’, but when I receive her payment:

  • it appears in green in my personal spending summary
  • it is attributed to my personal spending (not to the committed spending), and therefore it appears that you you’ve got loads of budget left, when you might not; it totally messes up that function
  • I am unable to ‘exclude from spending summary’ with any of these payments

Do you know how I can work around this?

The only way I can think if this isn’t fixed is to avoid ‘splitting’ these bills and just doing things the old school way, so I can exclude that income from personal spend.

Details to reproduce:
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Hey there Hamish!

This is one of those bugbears that frustrate me too.

Good news though! From what I’ve heard, it’s something the upcoming Trends feature will fix! It should be rolling out to more users soon. Whilst it can’t replace everything summary does just yet, it does handle these situations much better, and will hopefully evolve over time to incorporate more of what Summary does in a much better way.

You can learn more about this here:

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