Introducing Trends - the future of money management with Monzo

Hey everyone :wave: (I’m Will, a backend engineer on the Monzo US team)

There’s a brand new tab in your Monzo app called Trends, designed to give you even more visibility of your entire financial life with just a tap. :crystal_ball: With Trends, you can see a combined breakdown of your spending and saving across all your accounts, both Monzo and any external accounts and credit cards you’ve connected.

Read more about Trends in our blog post:

Budgeting isn’t one size fits all, so Trends is built to be flexible. :muscle: And to further help you personalize your financial overview, you can now create your own custom categories and assign transactions to multiple categories. We’ve also added 3 new standard categories — Income, Savings, and Transfers — to keep them separate from your spending.

If you don’t see Trends in your app yet, don’t worry! We’re rolling this out gradually to make sure it’s working smoothly for everyone. :butter:

A big thank you to our beta testing group for helping us bring Trends to the US. :sparkling_heart:

Tap the Trends tab in your Monzo app to get started, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!


Super cool to see trends launch in the US. I wish you well with the rollout!

Though, as a UK customer I think giving people a feature which is a paid feature for free is a little strange.

Well, do we have news for you!! Trends is free for all :raised_hands:


Hello. Unless I’m mistaken trends for the US market allows you to see spending across connected accounts for free.

That’s a paid for feature in the uk, in that you have to have plus or premium. I appreciate different markets and demands of course.


Ah I see! Yes, the connected accounts feature, slightly different than the UK experience, is available for all US accounts. But you’re totally right, different country, and demand.


A big thank you to everyone who’s provided feedback so far! :sparkling_heart:

Because of your feedback, we’ve improved the way credit card payments are presented and resolved a tricky date bug. :bug:


Targets is now available for everyone! :raised_hands:

Targets is designed to help you set a monthly spending target and feel motivated to stick to it. :dart:

Set your own spending target, or choose a recommend target based on your past spending habits. Pick which of your Monzo and connected accounts to include, and which categories to leave out.


The graph can also help you visualize whether you’re on pace to stay within target for the month. :calendar:

Tap the Trends tab in your app to set your own spending target.

With balance, spending, and now targets, Trends provides in-depth insights to help you understand and manage your money. We’ve heard some great feedback so far, like flexible budgeting periods, so let us know what else would help you get more from Trends!

Another big thank you to our beta testing group for helping us with targets! :sparkling_heart:


I would find it useful if an individual transaction could be excluded from savings target data.

Unless I’ve missed the option categories I’d spend can be excluded but not individual transactions unless they are artificially categorised as an excluded category.

As an example this month I had house insurance to pay for the year. I want it to show as a bill and I want bills to be included in the spending target calculations but I don’t want this specific bill included as it’s a once a year fee (if it was included I’d want it at 1/13 of total over the full year).

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Nope. that’s how it is (for now). I would also want this too. I typically have a “house” budget where the things that I bought one off go into so I can track them but then also not have them come off my target, cos I don’t want it to.

EDIT: I just realised that this is the American side of the pond, but it still should be true

Hey all :wave:

A new update to Trends: you can now set individual spending targets for any of your categories, including custom categories :sparkles:

Setting category targets can help you visualize the pace of your spending by category with the same familiar interactive graph as your overall target. Simply tap on any category in the breakdown section of the target tab in Trends. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

We’ll recommend personalized target amounts for each category based on your past spending behaviors. :dart: