Why is Summary so bad and neglected?

It behaves so bizarrely and just makes no sense when it comes to splitting bills or requesting money from people. Some big gripes include:

  1. Automatically ‘adding’ to the left to spend amount when you request money from people.

  2. When a purchase is made on a Virtual card, the payment doesn’t affect summary, but then if you bill split that payment, that incoming payment will then affect left to spend. What?

  3. Forcing certain payments to be ‘committed spending’ with no way of turning it back - ie. Monzo Plus payments.

  4. If you ‘exclude from summary’ a payment you’re bill splitting, the incoming amount is added to the summary amount.

The majority of this would be sorted by just allowing incoming payments to be ‘excluded from summary’. The bizarre behaviour of virtual card payments means I’m quitting Monzo Plus as soon as I’m back from holiday and never coming back. It’s literally the only useful idea and it just doesn’t work well.

I’ve not seen any tweaks or fixes to Summary since about 2018 - why has any improvements been completely stopped, and why is Monzo so happy to leave it to rot? Literally just asking for the basics to be right, not anything innovative.

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Summary is going to be replaced by trends, so don’t expect any changes


Trends is where it’s all going. How have you missed all this :stuck_out_tongue:

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So we’re not going to be able to see our ‘left to spend’ unless we’re signed up to Plus or Premium?

Does Trends even have a budgeting feature? It just looks like useless graphs and data to me.

I wish Monzo would actually make useful budgeting tools rather than just throwing fancy stuff at us and seeing what sticks.


Personally never found left to spend useful both freemium or plus so it’s always been switched off.

You’re not going to get a budgeting suite for free. You will get the basics and like most things, if you want extra functionality and more granular control you pay.

Do you know if Trends is going to be like Summary going forwards? I’m looking around but can’t future plans for Trends.

If it properly replaces what Summary does and then improves on it, I can patiently wait for it to come, but it’s not clear those are the plans for Trends.

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That’s the plan

Everything else we know is in the announcement topic

With the most recent update ‘Graphs’ which I linked you to earlier :slight_smile:

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Summary and Trends seem to be completely different purposes.

Summary tells you about upcoming spending, along with the amount left to spend. Trends only tells you about money already spent.

I find trends essentially useless because I don’t really care what I’ve already spent… can’t do anything about that.

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I don’t think anyone expects to be able to travel back in time and undo their spending :rofl:

The idea is that you analyse your past spending to adjust your budgets/spending for the future. i.e. see where you’ve perhaps spent too much on something and incrementally cut back over the weeks or months.

As mentioned in the topic above the plan is for Trends to take over summary and be a unified tool that does all this and more.