Introducing graphs on Trends

:wave: I hope that lots of you are already enjoying the top-level view of your finances that Trends provides. Today I’m very excited to lift the veil on the next step of our vision for money management: interactive bar graphs.

:eye: A visual health-check

With today’s release, Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium customers will be able to see a graph that shows their monthly spending broken down by week, alongside a rolling average shown by a dashed line. With just a glance you can now get a visual health check on your spending across all your accounts and Pots.

:female_detective: Be a money detective

Some weeks of course can be more spendy than others, and we’ve made it really easy to investigate why. Tap and hold any bar to see an overlay that shows exactly what you spent in a given week, plus the top 3 categories. We think it’s never been easier to find out where your money is really going :money_with_wings: Any changes you choose to make after that are down to you!

:crystal_ball: Keep your eyes peeled

We’ve got an action-packed Autumn planned here at Monzo – you can look forward to seeing bar graphs arrive for individual categories soon (along with a few other improvements to how Trends works which I won’t divulge right now :eyes:).

We’ll be slowly rolling out graphs to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium customers so keep an eye on your app over the coming days and weeks. You’ll need to be on version 4.6.0 or newer to see the changes. Graphs will be exclusive to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium, so if you’ve been waiting for a reason to upgrade this could be your moment. Looking forward to hearing what you discover in your graphs!


Looking forward to this! Not in my app yet but looks great.

I’m really happy to see these new features rolling out at pace, but please don’t forget the basics. Customer support has been deteriorating for a long time now and is causing me to think twice about my subscription. Pull your socks up, please!


Love a graph.

The big peak should just be titled “PayDay Millionaire”


How about now? :wink:

Is this initially or is it going to be exclusive to these tiers?

Edit: Just noticed the last bit that says it is exclusive to these tiers - my bad! Super exciting though! It sounds like the pulse graph on steroids :muscle: :laughing:

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Really sorry you’ve had issues on this front Peter :pensive: will pass this on.

Hopefully you’ll see graphs in your app soon though :bar_chart:


Nobody mention “pulse” :eyes:


Starts force closing and re-opening app repeatedly



Now I regret switching away from Monzo as trends/budgeting was lacklustre :frowning:

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Has anyone got this yet?

Im on iOS version 4.6.0, and have premium, but I don’t see it yet. Any idea why?

Because they haven’t switched it on for you yet. They will be rolling it out over the next couple of days/weeks. So far nobody has reported that they have it in their app yet.

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Did you read the post?

Looks like there are 2 flags involved and possibly a third:

<boolean name="trends_return_graphs" value="true" />
<boolean name="trends_graph_parsing_enabled" value="true" />

<boolean name="staff_graphs_flag" value="false" />

Still no graph(s) here though, despite the above 2 ‘true’ settings


Gonna need to work for Monzo…

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So I spy this on the screen shot:


Does this mean it will show trends of Joint account? And/Or Connected Account transactions too?

Either way I am once again requesting the ability to custom categorise joint transactions :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing this roll out for a test drive.


That’s the (active) Trends account picker/filter which lets you toggle the Monzo and connected accounts (Plus/Premium). Mine looks like:


and shows 8 accounts, of which 6 are selected to report through trends:

Unfortunately, custom categories still not available on Joint Accounts :rage:


Sounds like it’s not gonna land today. And, in any event, will be a long and drawn out affair where I will not be a chosen one.

Quick confirmatory poll. Do you have graphs?

  • Yes
  • No

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@krr13 show yourself!

(Or just the graphs please)

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We have a new chosen one (do you work for Monzo?)

(Also: hope the home improvements went well)