The Current Account Switch Service (CASS)

Hi will you be offering the switching service that you get like when you swap banks with the traditional banks as this would be so easy and really easy way to switch when we get a current account😎


I’m assuming that you’re referring to the Current Account Switching Service? In which case, the answer’s yes Monzo will :tada: there’s a card on the roadmap here.

So the only question is when. But that card is in the same list as the card for the rollout to all existing users so it looks like the team’s hoping that it’ll be ready by the time new users are able to sign up for a current account.

There’s some more background on this service & comments from the team here -


As a beta CA user, I’m generally loving having a proper account - but the pain of moving DDs and card payments over manually (calling up each provider individually) is quite a burden.

The switching service is a key element that can make the process delightful - so the sooner it happens the better!


Tom’s just tweeted:

Unless he’s moving over to Starling, I assume CASS is being tested internally! :tada:


As @PhilB’s pointed out in the developer’s Slack, it’s the screenshot attached to the above tweet that’s the big giveaway. It looks like it’s very likely to be referring to the CASS process -



the word ‘switching’ also gives it away :wink:


Those of us on the preview, who’ve done a lot of manual switching. We will be able to use the CASS service once available? I’ve only ever used it during the sign up process for a new account, not after the fact!


You will, as the CASS does more than just change your DDs and SOs. It will also forward any new payments to the new account and close the old one etc

Perfect thanks. That’s why I wanted to do it.

Just spotted that Natwest have chimed in further down the thread with a please don’t leave us message for another user wanting to CASS to monzo… Nervous much?


Any idea when CASS will be available?

If its only a month or close to that I won’t bother with manually switching, but anything longer and I will want to.


It’s on the public roadmap:

Near Term

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Would be great if there was an “imminent” stream as well though, this looks like every single thing is at least 3 months away


There are lots more in the 6-9 month category and a few more in the long term one. Monzo clearly want to switch all users over by Christmas… so in the 3 to 6 months.

There’s not much more that my legacy bank offers me, right now, than what Monzo already is barring a few omissions and niggling wider issues people have had generally… Growing pains of a new bank on this day!

Currently though, just using my CA with Monzo as an expense card is proving it’s worth to me. By the time CASS comes into play, not only will it make it easier to switch, but I’m sure some additional features and fixes will also come into play that make it both more viable and worthwhile to make a full switch.

At that point, I will make the full switch over but only at the point of CASS being introduced. I’m not in urgent need of switching, I can manage my multiple accounts I now have, but the hassle of switching is preventing me at current more than anything.

I’m patient, though :wink:

Can you use the CASS if you’ve already opened an account or can it only be done for a new account?

Basically if I’d rather not move all my direct debits manually and it would be nice to have the safeguards that the switching service offers!

In theory, there’s no reason you can’t use the CASS for an existing account. It will depend on Monzo’s implementation, though. I’m pretty sure :monzo: will allow those with existing accounts to use CASS. In the past, Tom has talked about not wanting to force people to switch to :monzo: as their main account straight away, but that over time people will like it and switch of their own accord.

I’ve done it before when I decided to rationalise my two current accounts into one. To CASS you have to have the new account open anyway so as you said barring any technical limitations with Monzo it should be fine :slight_smile:

Perfect. I couldn’t find anywhere online saying that it wouldn’t be possible but I also couldn’t find anything explicitly stating that it was something that could be done!


Is this available if the new account is bein rolled out there should be more information on this otherwise I can see people not bothering.

I am a first round investor and keen to switch but just don’t have the time to do it manually and can’t find the answer very easily

Have I missed the announcement on this ???