The Current Account Switch Service (CASS)

At the moment I think it’s only being tested internally and not available to anyone outside Monzo just yet.


So CASS launch will ideally be timed with moving the majority of our prepaid customers to current accounts, which on the current timeline is hopefully November :grinning: There’s enough moving parts and potential blockers to where I don’t want to absolutely guarantee it for that time but if all goes smoothly then that would make the most sense.


Thanks All, I think setting up the CASS before the mass switch should be a big priority for Monzo otherwise many people just won’t bother switching - I will persist and find the time to do it manually but I think it should be a priority to get it setup in time for Nov.

I have a question regarding CASS. When it does become available does it just organise the migration of one current account into my new Monzo account?

Or is it possible to merge say two or three current accounts into my Monzo account? I use first direct as my main current account and am eager to get all of the direct debits ect moved over. However id also love CASS to take care of closing my other current accounts. Is this possible?


That’s pretty much how it already works:

You can use the CASS multiple times to switch and merge multiple accounts.

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Nice one, that sounds promising. I cannot wait to give a big f**k you to all of my old current account providers. Have you done this yourself in the past? I have looked through the CASS FAQ’s on their site and cannot find any evidence supports or contradicting this info.

I will probably never give my legacy bank the FU. I keep thinking about mortgages, the odd occasion when I need over the counter cash, or that one off time I lose my phone and my card and I think… hmmm I need a fall back position.

I’ve been in the position where I had my bag stolen. Being able to get cash from a branch was a life saver. Therefore: fall back will be my legacy bank account.



You’ll switch each account separately. Just remember that switching doesn’t include your salary. You’ll need to instruct your payroll department to update their records to use your new sort code and account number.

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That’ll be “fank you” then…:flushed:


Not required. Any payments to your old account will be redirected to your new account and the sender will automatically have the account details updated. This happens for at least 13 months. There have been plans to increase the duration, though don’t know what the status is.

That’s new… it used to be just direct debits. Heck the first time I used it they didn’t even transfer standing orders (a fact I only found out when my rent wasn’t paid…). It’s improved over the years.

Cool, thanks for all the advice guys. Really helpful. I am looking forward to using CASS for the first time.

I’m referring to your regular income.

Your employer won’t change where it sends your salary on the say-so of a bank :flushed:. You need to advise them yourself.

Payments - yes
Salary / pension etc - no

Any money paid into the old bank account is redirected. When I moved my bills current account from Santander to Natwest about a year ago, the sort code and account number stored in the online banking with other accounts was updated.

Several companies sent out updated direct debit details to confirm the change. With the only action required from me is to notify them of I wasn’t expecting the change.

It could be different with larger corporations payroll processing, however the payments will still be redirected to the new account, and the employers bank will still get a notification of the change of account details. It is then up to the employer, or anyone else who sends you payments to either accept the new details or confirm with you the change so that their system is up to date.

On it specifically notes “The Current Account Switch Service will redirect payments to your new account. Each time an electronic payment is redirected an automatic message is sent back to the originator advising them of the new account details so they can update their records. Some organisations may contact you directly to confirm your details have changed.”

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Yup, all payment details in your account that are setup 7 days before the switch are transferred to the new account. It’s designed to be as easy as possible.

I’ve recently switched from First Direct to Lloyds. Can confirm that the salary automatically transfers to your new bank as I forgot to update my records in time for payroll cut off.

Then I got the runaround. :rage:
My apologies…


Are you sure it was automatically switched and it wasn’t the forwarding service kicking in? I can’t see how the employer could be made aware in this situation …

For reference as part of CASS funds sent to your old account are forwarded to your new account for a specific period of time (think it might be years).