Current account switching for joint accounts

(Richard Cook) #1

Yes, it’s coming! We’re bringing support for the Current Account Switch Service to joint accounts.

The Current Account Switch Service lets you easily switch accounts between banks for free, with your money protected. You can already use the service to switch your personal current account to Monzo, but we’re adding support for joint accounts too!

Update 15/1/19 - here’s a sneak peek of what switching will look like in the app :eyes:

Keep an eye on this thread for more news and updates.

(Danny Martinez) #2

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it will be fairly easy to use this to switch direct debits from personal to joint accounts? - Have a few direct debits that I’m paying from my personal Monzo account, but would like to transfer them over to the join account I have with my other half on Monzo!


You can’t use CASS to switch same bank to same bank so unlikely to be able to do this when joint CASS comes in

(#savetheseabass) #4

CASS would close a personal account which you need to keep open to have the joint account

(Danny Martinez) #5

not necessarily, there’s 2 versions of CASS - full and partial.

What you have mentioned is the full version, I’ve used the partial one to move direct debits over individually without closing my old account.

(Danny Martinez) #6

I see. Shame to hear!

(#savetheseabass) #7

Monzo dropped the option of partial switch a while ago as it was so unreliable, so only offer full switch

(Danny Martinez) #8

did not know that, thanks for the info!


Am happy to hear this. Any hint of a date or just soon?

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #10

I was waiting for this around September time but got impatient and did all the switching manually. Probably still would as really wanted my old NatWest account open to deposit cash, cheques and Paym and also have a card with Visa. It didn’t take that long to switch but as very much a manual process.

(Gio) #11

The lack of this feature is the only reason holding me back from switching to full Monzo! Won’t have any more excuses when this is released!


I am just about to try this on my joint account. Just waiting on my partner to reply to me with her old card details. Hopefully it works well, has two mortgages to move!


I don’t think it’s quite active yet. It might work, but it may be best to wait until it’s fully announced.


It’s weird that it’s in the app then. But you’re right I think I will wait.


On your joint account? It’s only there on my personal account.




Oh in that case go nuts. They must be doing a slow rollout.

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #18

Very Jealous! Don’t appear to be able to see this in my view. How did you get on? Appear to work ok? Patiently waiting my chance @monzo


Went through it all was very slick and easy tbf just wait to see if it works now.


If anyone is interested looks like it is going to work.