Upgrade (Migration) Updates

I was one of the people who had the current account preview (which has now ended and I’ve moved over to the “proper” current account) - I think you’ll like it.

In terms of moving everything over, I’m in a strange sort of halfway-house limbo situation where some things go into/come out of Monzo and some go into/come out of my other bank. At this stage, the only way to move things over is to do it yourself - update your direct debits with companies, change your pay details with your employer, etc. That’s why I have things the way I have them; some things are easier than others. It’s a work in progress though.

In the future, I believe Monzo have said they’re intending to have support for the current account switching service (CASS) but that it’ll be something that comes along later.

You can find a little bit more around the forum about this:

And also…

So once you get your current account, you can sit back and wait for when CASS is available to have it all done for you, or you can start moving all your stuff over manually like some of us have done / are doing. It depends on what you feel most comfortable with (and how much you like / hate your existing bank’s services).

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