Joint current account?

Any idea if you will be doing a joint current account at any time . My husband and I would love Monzo as our main joint account , as thats the way we have always worked our finances . I guess until then we are mainly using our accounts as holiday cards.

Joint accounts are already available.

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They have been available since last August. More info here:

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Be aware that the Current Account Switch Service for joint accounts isn’t available to everyone just yet.

ah thats good , I was aware it was in the pipeline when I joined last year. If you switch your existing bank account to the joint monzo one does it automatically transfer your DD’s and standing orders ?

You do need to initiate the switch once the account is opened and you can’t use CASS to switch from Monzo to Monzo.if you can’t find the switch button then from the joint account if you go to help and search for switch and you should get “what is a full switch?” In that article they’d should be a big blue button to start the switch process

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Oh nice, I didn’t know of this workaround to get a switch going on a joint account. I’ll get that going later.

brilliant will have to look into this then .

Switching has always worked if you can get in to the screen it’s just some outgoing switch banks have rejected the switch when you don’t enter the last 5 digits of both card pans but I believe the switch screens have all now been updated to allow 2 pans

Edit: just checked and it does take joint switches now

CASS ?? what is this ?

can you get wages paid into the joint account ?

Current Account Switch Service - to summarise the bank do all the work in moving all your direct debits etc and if anything goes wrong you’ll be compensated.

Of course, it’s like any normal bank account :slight_smile:

Current account switch service -

Yes account works just like a normal account and you can receive wages etc in

thank you for quick answers to my questions , I am just getting the hang of Monzo lol


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