Current Account Switch?

Really glad to see the full bank launch moving up the schedule in the roadmap!! Can’t wait for it to be here :smiley:

It does raise the question of current account switching services, the last reference I saw to this (besides it being late on the roadmap) was back in August '16. I just wondered what the process would be moving from a ‘traditional bank’ to Monzo full-time as my main bank account.

The last time I switched, I went between 2 ‘normal’ banks and with that came the 7-Day switch service we all know and love! :slight_smile: This saved time and a lot of effort on my part, moving all of my direct debits over pretty much instantly. Leaving me to tell my employer where to send my wages :moneybag:

Will I (and fellow Monzonaughts :monzo: ) need to manually transfer all direct debits over to the Monzo current account once it launches? Or is there a chance it’ll be handled automagically? :smiley:


I think it would be a pretty terrible user experience if we didn’t move over all your direct debits! So whilst I can’t confirm any details (because a great deal of stuff is still getting worked out!) - let’s just say it’s incredibly likely we’ll be able to move over all existing direct debits.


I was under the impression the current account switch covered DD’s, standing orders and sorting out switching salary from one account to another?

Metro Bank managed to do this fairly well from Barclay’s when i went over to them and would be pretty annoying if Monzo couldn’t do the same.

Just to add to Simon’s comments, this is what Tristan (who works for Monzo) had to say about this on the 11th January, when he was asked…


I think that in order to get people to move over it has to be seamless. I’m sure this is something that Monzo should (I’m sure will) have at launch of the current account, I think they’re linked, you’d struggle with one without the other.


Couldn’t agree more :wink:

That’s brilliant to hear! Fingers crossed everything goes to plan :smiley:

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I think it’s fair to say that it’s something that Monzo want to have at the launch.

It’s also worth bearing it mind that Monzo will be staggering the launch of the current accounts, offering them to a smaller group of users at first & then to all users once the testing’s finished. So when the team says that it might not be ready for the launch, my guess is it’s the soft launch that they’re referring to right now.

I’m sure the availability will be confirmed well in advance of any sort of launch anyway :slight_smile:


When I went from Natwest to Nationwide, only my DD’s moved across, incoming payments were automatically forwarded for 1yr after the move though. I had to recreate standing orders and redirect my salary though :slight_smile:

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I saw you post some more about their schedule earlier today! I hadn’t seen this though, cheers :slight_smile:

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Just to follow this up, as excited as we are to introduce current accounts, we don’t want to force any of our users to switch until they’re ready to. There will be plenty of information on how switching will work way ahead of time but the hope is to encourage a gradual transition, rolling out to a small group of users to test first as @alexs and scaling up from there!

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A good sensible approach before all the computers crash with people trying to upgrade their accounts on the first daylight. Just hope it doesn’t take too long to get through the crowd to get to me!!!

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We are currently working on joining CASS (Current Account Switching Service), so I’m hopeful it will be available at launch. If not, it will be available soon afterwards.

But we’re not going to be forcing new customers to switch on the day they sign up. I think it’s important that people get the chance to try Monzo for a few weeks to ensure it’s right for them before they move everything over.


Brilliant! :smiley:

Yeah, that does make quite a bit of sense, though even with CASS it’s an optional thing when opening a new account :wink:

But that’s besides the point, really glad to hear it’s all in hand! This is going to be a heck of an exciting launch - Can’t wait to switch over!

That’s a very good sensible idea. No one should be forced into swapping over straight away. The fact that they will be given the opportunity to find out for themselves just how good Monzo will be before they themselves want to join is a great plan. I don’t think you’ll be short of people wanting to willingly sign up anyway!!

Can’t wait to give my bank the heave ho!

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unsure if its been said or now… But will monzo keep the top up with a card feature ??

I personally really like that instant ability… No waiting on a bank Tx etc… I am fully willing to jump into the ‘full bank’ trial… But hope you keep the card funding option as I doubt I will be sending my primary fund sources there immediately.



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Just seen on trello direct debits are split from current accounts, and being delivered later. :frowning:

I don’t think this is a correct statement?

There are 2 separate cards, granted. But both Current account & Direct Debit are in the “6-9 Month” category :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be much of a current account without DD’s :wink:


Is it envisaged that a cheque book would be issued on request? Whilst I rarely write cheques they are still useful in certain circumstances.

How will cash or cheques received be paid in. Most banks tend to use the post office - is that a possibility or are there any alternative plans?

Perhaps these threads cover your questions


but you can always use the search option (magnafying glass) to search for previous comments and suggestions