Does the option to use Current Account Switch Service still work even if the account is 2 years old?


So I have 2 bank accounts but I’ve had recent issues with Direct Debits (Pre.930 ticket in particular) because of a Nationwide banking error and its just not sustainable having to manage both accounts as a person on disability benefits.

So is the CASS option still completely functional even after 2 years or will I face issues? I’m planning to go full Monzo again.


Hi Jack.

Yes you can CASS from any account - to any account, whenever you like!

Just do not CASS Monzo OUT, you likely won’t be getting another account anytime soon from the golden arches.



Yeah I do know there’s a 30 day grace period if you were to use it going out of Monzo.

I was thinking they’d be issues as the account has been used for over 2 years and my DWP payments come INTO Monzo.


There will be no issues. Ignore the 30 day waiting period. I thought that, and today have been denied for an account 3rd time. I work in financial services & am clean, thus no other reasons really.

They don’t want customers who move in and out.

You can move into Monzo from Nationwide no probs. :slight_smile:


*any account that supports CASS

There are countless threads where that’s been confirmed to be categorically untrue.

Also have you changed your picture? I swear it used to be a shade or two off from the other yellow N.


Thank you. :blush:

Nationwide also have a silly system of needing to use a card reader to verify Payees too which is annoying.

I don’t mind putting my money into Monzo it’s just I don’t like having every penny in the account, in case something were to happen.

What’s happened is I updated my Direct debit for Transport for West Midlands ticketing and it aint appeared in Nationwide banking, other direct debits appeared just fine. This was over 2 weeks ago now. Plus Nationwide just has a weird system.


I created a new account some time ago.

Re. threads / Who knows what it depends on, educated guess. Could be whether you wear a black or white shirt in the verification video.

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Have they tried to collect on it and it failed? Most legacy banks won’t show DDs until they’re first collected.

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It really depends on the users credit score. I’ve seen threads on other platforms of users complaining they were declined for an account as they hadn’t been in the UK for too long.

Plus it varies on your credit file if you’re a bad lender for example.

I don’t have any credit score, I’m 17.

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Okay, I’ll wait until Monday then. Its weird because KLARNA, PAYPAL and EE shown the direct debit before the money was even collected.

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They check everything from past address history, how long you’ve been in the UK and such. There’s a lot of background checks.

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Not when you aren’t on electoral roll or any kind of databases like that, they don’t.

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That might be the reason they don’t want you back?

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Right, but surely it’s understandable given my age? Failing that. Any Monzo-ish bank that I can open lol? Starling - 12 month ban.

Do you double post for everything everywhere? :upside_down_face:


Yes, Reddit are all about the downvotes and I thought the Monzo forum would be more helpful tbh.


This might be why you was declined then.


  • There’s no time restriction on CASS except that it takes 7 working days to complete.
  • You can CASS into and out of any bank within the scheme as many times as you like.
  • But, it’s possible if you leave a bank, for a number of reasons, they may not want you back.
  • The same be said for any back you are looking to CASS to. They don’t have to accept your application.

So they would likely say yes to the transfer but there’s a chance Nationwide may not want me back?