Switch to Monzo with the Current Account Switch Service!

The Current Account Switch Service is now available to everyone! Switch some or all of your payments over to Monzo in just a few taps.

Thanks to everyone who helped us with testing over the past few weeks!


YAY! Well done team on finally getting this out, a giant leap! :slight_smile:


Fantastic!!! :tada:

I’m sure this was holding so many people back :grin::grin: no manual switching required, just gotta key in a couple of details and boom :boom: off to the races :sunglasses:

I’ll see if convincing my (holdout) friends becomes any easier now that CASS is available to all :grin:

Awesome work Monzo :sunglasses:

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yep moving my full salary into Monzo now and kicking off the switching service. Bloody fab news.

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This is awesome news, and I’ll be taking advantage very shortly.
It’s a bit awkward that Monzo doesn’t appear on the list of banks they link to though

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Started the switch yesterday with a completion date of 7th May which is a bank holiday :grinning: oh the irony


This is great! Does the switch also include Standing Orders, as well as Direct Debits?

Yes on a full switch

If you want them to on a partial switch

Love to, still waiting for a replacement card from TSB from a week and a half ago though so I can’t progress through CASS :expressionless:

Off topic but are they back to any semblance of normality yet?

Nah, doesn’t look like it. I’ve been on online banking today to try and transfer some money and received 3 different error pages and the site is slow af.

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For those attempting to switch from TSB, you may experience delays: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/banking/2018/05/tsb-customers-unable-to-switch-after-it-told-other-banks-to-suspend-transfers

Don’t think I’d risk it until they have the computers sorted

Are you able to use CASS twice on one account (NatWest & First Direct)?

How do you mean this?

  1. Switch from NatWest to First Direct, then to a 3rd bank? Yes
  2. Switch both an account from NatWest, and a second account from First Direct into the same third account with a third bank? Also yes.
  3. Or is there a different interpretation?


I meant the second option. Appreciate it wasn’t worded very well.


You might want to get in touch with Monzo first, to confirm that they are happy to do this, actually, as they sometimes implement unusual limitations.

If Monzo say they can’t do it, you may wish to consider the 1st option, which would have the same end result, anyway.



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Thank you guys for this! I have been with Monzo only for 3 months and I have been impressed and decided that I don’t need anymore the other banks. I have activated the full switch and should be completed on the 8th of May. It will be much easier and pleasant to track my finances from one account. I have good expectations that everything will run fine.

The only concern I have (which is not a big deal)…sometimes I might have to withdraw larger amount of cash and I want to avoid going to the ATM in 5 consecutive days until I get out the sum I need it. Is there a way I can go in to a bank and take out this amount in one go?

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