Tesco pay @ pump

IT WORKS!!!20171108_134031


Oh finally!!!

Seems to be the new machines? Maybe.

Pay at the pump is always going to be a problem with cards, because it is so poorly implemented. Have you ever been to the US? Every petrol station there has pay at the pump. Odds of it working? Low… very low. On my last trip, I’d guess I got it to work maybe a quarter of the time, and I tried every time.

All credit for this goes to @Louis.cox, who convinced Tesco to update all of their machines to accept the card :raised_hands:


To be fair, Tesco has been making major improvements to card acceptance lately in general… they used to not accept American Express mobile payments (Apple Pay/Android Pay/Amex Pay) but they started doing so this summer!

Bit off topic but I always wonder what’s the difference between supermarket fuel stations :fuelpump: and Shell/BP

I use Shell app to pay which is buggy but good

@Louis.cox deserves a medal for all his hard work getting card/sort code acceptance in place :medal_sports:

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Oh really? I gave up using my AmEx via apple pay at tesco a while back because it would always fail.

That was fixed in a software update this summer. McDonald’s has also fixed it, and so has IKEA (didn’t support Amex contactless at all). Really Superdrug is the only remaining issue.

I use the Shell app - it’s brilliant when it’s working.

It went through a really long period in the summer where it logged me out and refused to accept my password or do anything. Their customer services were useless and just repeatedly reset my password even though it was never wrong or forgotten, it still wouldn’t log in. So I had to stop using it.

I really missed it!

Esso have just released their version of the same thing!

Yeah I know it’s been annoying and still has stability issues but I like the idea and intention, implementation could be much better. Don’t know why these big corporations never get the technology right.

Working better these days though :slight_smile:

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I tried this morning at the petrol station at Tesco and didn’t accept my Monzo card.

I tried using my other bank card which is RBS and worked.

Might just needs to be updated probably.

It worked for me yesterday too :slight_smile:

Wicked! Now I can grab clubcard points and use Monzo without having to go into the kiosk :joy:

First world problems? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, grats to @Louis.cox! Glad to see Tesco finally sorted this out :smiley:

Thanks! We are certainly getting somewhere, albeit slowly. I am keen to write a blog / forum post on the acceptance journey soon. :blush:


This would be really interesting to read!
Maybe it would also help demonstrate the extraordinary amount of hard work behind the scenes that goes into making Current Accounts happen?

I hope so! I think a lot of people would be surprised at how ‘manual’ everything is at a digital bank :muscle:


Yes, please, that would be great! I’d also love to hear technical detail. I’m a member of a travel forum where there’s a lot of speculation on what causes acceptance issues, but we don’t understand everything (commonly cited as believed to be causes issues are lack of 3-D Secure and lack of offline PIN support on many foreign cards).

Yep happy to say this is working at Tesco now great news!