Morrisons Supermarket Petrol Pay at Pump not Working

Hi, I was using my Monzo card tonight for the first time at a pay at pump Morrisons petrol station and my card didn’t work? It said something like payment cancelled or something similar. I have enough money in the account so don’t understand why. Is this a Monzo issue or mastercard problem? I would love to be able to use it to pay at the pump instead of having to go in everytime. Hopefully someone can help?

The petrol station was :

Morrisons Petrol Station
The Broadway, Bridgwater, TA6 3LN


Did you have £99 in your account?

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Yay, another Somerset Monzo user, sorry to see you’ve been having issues though. I’ve not had issues using pay at pump at morrisons in the past, though I’ve not used it for a while!

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Sorry, we call it chip and pin in the shire.

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I contacted Support when my card got declined at a Morrisions Pay at Pump, and also at Costco Pay at Pump, I assumed it was an issue but they said it was because my balance was under £100, which is the amount they pre-authorise at the pay at pumps.

A bit annoying really but I get why they do it.


Yeah that is annoying.

On the plus side, the whole pay at the pump pre-auth thing is due to change this year. See the below post from @Rika :slight_smile:

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Ok as much as it’s great to have a laugh at Bridgwater :joy::joy::joy: (I don’t live there) it looks like I need to get in contact with customer support! The under £100 thing makes sense as I didn’t have £99 so I assume it could be that? I didn’t know that was actually a thing as my visa debit works fine whatever the amount?!? Thanks for all your comments and suggestions though :slight_smile: Maybe it’s something that will change in the future.

The £99 is a Monzo ‘thing’ I believe so wouldn’t impact other cards.

When the industry adopts the new rules, then it will be a filling station ‘thing’ and affect everyone.


It’s a really non-clear set of differing rules spanning multiple parties right now. :disappointed:

I cannot wait for the new rules to vastly simplify things, make pay at pump fraud significantly more difficult (if not impossible) to pull off, and also allow other banks to unblock pay at pump for certain kinds of restricted/basic accounts by removing a large case where it’s easy to go into a non-agreed overdraft using pay at pump systems.