Payment for fuel

I am pleased to say I now have my Monzo debit card and I am keen to follow the advice in the video that came with the invite and have my wages paid in. However my Monzo card was declined when attempting to pay for petrol yesterday. Obviously until my Monzo card does everything my current visa debit card does I am reluctant to have my wages paid in. Does anyone know if there is a an estimate on when this will service will be available?

It is well known that it doesn’t work at pay at pump petrol pumps yet. You might want to read this thread, Merchants & Banks Who Don’t Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / Debit Card (open Wiki), to find out where else your card may not work. This is not the current account full release, it is the preview so issues still need to be ironed out. I still have a version 1 of the debit card so I can do even less with mine than you can do with yours. When Monzo issues the final version of the debit card, that should fully work.

OK, many thanks. As you may have guessed I am quite new to this so was not aware that this was widely known. Thanks again.

Mark Jackson


My Monzo debit card works perfectly to pay for fuel at the pump. Like a normal bank card, charges £1 initially and updates to correct amount within 24 hours.

I think it works in many, but not Tesco

It was indeed Tesco I tried to use it at

I have had the same experience although only at one particular petrol station, it has worked at others. I have been declined in stores sometimes and I have no explanation why.

I used mine at Asda Pay at Pump yesterday with no problems. It just charged me £1 and I am just waiting for the actual amount to be taken.

Same as Sean3784, Works fine at the ones I have tried but charges £1 initially then the actual amount gets taken out about 2 working days after.

Great to be able to use Monzo for Pay at Pump!

I’m not sure how much is a limitation when trying to enforce online EMV transactions so that Monzo can give you an instant push notification for the transaction?

I’ve found my Starling card works at some of the Pay@Pump where Monzo doesn’t.

I’ll just chip in to the conversation. I have recently received my Monzo current account debit card. Doesn’t work in our nearby Asda or Tesco pay-at-pumps. Me sad. :pensive:

Hi again, I have since tried again at Tesco but no joy so I guess we’ll just have to hold tight

The issue of using debit cards at Tesco pumps appears to have been resolved and is being discussed here: