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Hi. I joined earlier this week - all going fine until I just tried to use my Monzo at Morrison’s Pay at Pump. Came up Sale Cancelled every time. There’s plenty of money in account to cover preauthorisation and it worked fine when I went in and paid at the counter. I’ve seen there have been known pump problems in the past - is this one known about?


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Welcome to Monzo :wave:

It’s unfortunate that your card didn’t work in the Pay at Pump :eyes: Morrisons is my go-to for petrol (normally the cheapest in my area :slight_smile:) and I always use Pay at Pump :fuelpump:

I’ll have to see if it works for me when I next fill up :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a thread that cropped up last week: Morrisons Supermarket Petrol Pay at Pump not Working

Looks like you’re not the only one having a problem! :frowning: Hopefully Monzo are able to look into this, if it’s becoming more than just a one-off :eyes:

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The pay at pump saga continues!

Sorry about the trouble you’ve had. You say you had enough for the pre-auth, just checking you had over £99 in your account as it seems that is what pre-auth for Monzo is for currently.

If you did, I’m really not sure what the problem is, it may be wider spread as @nexusmaniac has pointed you to the other thread - ASDA also had a larger problem the other week.

Lets us know if it on another attempt it works!

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Thanks for the reply - yup - deffo well over £100 in the account!

This is definitely something that needs to be sorted out once and for all with the likes of Monzo, Starling etc. I have had the same thing happen at Tesco pay at the pump and it is the deal killer for me totally switching from my present account with Natwest.

Just asking why not pay attended pumps only if it’s such a Biggie?
I’d never pay at pumps, you never know who’s watching.

I had same issue with RBS which is part of NatWest in some way, was a few years ago too, could only take cash out the machine PAP failed along with cashier so had to use a credit card to cover it

You maybe be correct, but they are together in some way :joy:

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