Could Android/Apple Pay be sidestepped?


It seems logical that Monzo will (sooner rather than later, hopefully) get Apple/Android pay support.

It seems to me to be unnecessary though - couldn’t Monzo just cut out the middle man and offer the exact same service through their own app? You need the app for the bank itself, so right there you have the potential for a 100% adoption rate.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

iOS won’t, as far as I’m aware, authorise payments through their ‘contactless’ Chip for any app other than Apple Wallet so it’s Apple Pay or nothing.

Android, if I’m correct, would allow something akin to the Barclays app, as Barclays don’t put their cards into Android Pay, but send payments from their app.


Thinking about it, Android has alternatives as you say, Barclays, Samsung Pay.

“Monzo Pay” through the Monzo app would be as seamless as it gets. Seems like an non-starter if you can’t get Apple on board, though.

(Jedihomer Townend) #4

I seriously doubt you’d be able to get Apple on board, I seem to recall a few Australian banks clubbing together and suing / took Apple to court and lost.

Hmm… Not quite that scenario after a quick google…

(Bob) #5

How would that work? Right now I can double-tap my iPhone home button from a locked screen and use my fingerprint to pay contactless via ApplePay.
With Monzo, presumably I’d have to unlock my iPhone, find the Monzo app and unlock it, find the ‘pay contactless’ screen before paying. What am I missing?

(Adam) #6

Adding a ‘quick add’ button to the iOS app to add the card to ApplePay would be as ‘seamless as it gets’ as Apple will not open their NFC chip to allow payments

edit: the ‘quick add’ button is called ‘in app provisioning’


Dutch bank bunq added app based contactless payments into their Android app and it works well. Still use Samsung Pay though for other banks.

(Mat Jarosz) #8

Why not use a well-know, reliable and secure solution that integrates well with the OS. That will never happen on iOS anyway as NFC APIs are private and even with the new iOS 11, developers can only read NFC signal.

(Simon B) #9

I’m not sure the demand for it or potential adoption rate is there to justify building it!

(Rika Raybould) #10

There’s no way this is happening on iOS for a number of fairly interesting hardware, security, and UX reasons.

It could technically be done on Android but why entirely rebuild all that Google has already built, secured, tested, certified, and maintains across thousands of different devices and OS builds? :slightly_smiling_face:


Surely the adoption rate would be 100% if the functionality were built into the core Monzo app?

For the people that are saying “why not just use the existing funtionality of Android/Apple Pay” - I get it. Indeed, that would seem to be the most straightforward option.

The only counter agument I can formulate is a question - what are Google/Apple/Samsung/Barclays getting out of having you use their own mobile NFC service? There must be something in it for them. If it’s mere data collection, yeah, Monzo has that covered already.


well to be on Android Pay and Apple Pay, you need to pay Google and Apple. That’s what’s in it for them.

Amex has its own Amex Pay on Android too. But recently joined Android Pay.


You also get enhanced transaction limits with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay which may not happen if it’s built into the app itself.

(Adam) #14

Simply put, they get a small transaction fee

(Hugh) #15

Android Pay is also more than just contactless. It also has system APIs on Android so, if my movie ticket app has a option for Android Pay, my details are already prepopulated and I just use my fingerprint to authenticate the transaction. Same on the web.

(Simon B) #16

True that. And both Google and Apple are being very aggressive with pushing adoption there. I predict a lot more sites will be rolling out support over the next couple of years.


Please god no. Barclays have done this on Android and it’s awful. I’d expect Monzo implementation to be better, but still please avoid. Android Pay works brilliantly and it’d take an awful lot of work to match what’s already available.

(Allie) #18

Could you please tell Barclays that? :slight_smile:


Bunq built their own but I hate it. Stick to Samsung Pay and Android Pay I think.

(Allie) #20

Outside the US, where they support magnetic stripe transmission, why Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay seems pointless in most countries.