Support for Samsung Pay

Clearly there is :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s great to have the upgraded monzo current account… Love the control it gives me but no Samsung pay support could be a deal breaker for me… I just don’t take plastic out with me any more… I am so used to using my phone or watch now, I don’t think I could go back…

Really need this guys!



As an Android user, you could just turn on Android Pay instead and it would work.

I’m intrigued why do you prefer Samsung Pay over Android Pay to the point you’d ditch Monzo when you can (without buying a new phone like I’d need to because Apple Pay isn’t here) switch an app?


Android Pay does not work on Samsung Gear watches only Samsung Pay


I can’t use android pay on my gear s3 for a start but it’s also all about
familiarity… Samsung pay on my s8 is all controlled by biometrics and,
well, I’m used to it and I like it…

Its not really a question of ditching monzo because of no Samsung pay,
rather, will I move from santander and use monzo day to day rather than
just as a cost effective pre pay solution once a year while on holiday.


As has been mentioned. The desire for Samsung pay support is purely (for me at least) to use my gear s3 for payments, which due to it not running android wear, has no android pay support.

I would still continue with android pay for my mobile.

I actually considered opening a Santander account just for this purpose, but then I’d have funds split across 3 accounts which would get tiresome fast.

I’m patient enough to wait for monzo to figure it all out, but it would go a long way for me to be able to fully switch over.


I wonder when Starling will get this since they seem to knock these out quickly.


Not sure on ‘benefits’ over than user choice. I travel to the States a lot and over there Samsung Pay supports mag stripe emulation for using cards which are not NFC. Which is something Android Pay cannot do. In the UK, this feature isn’t available yet, which is a pity, as it means you can use a contactless on machines that don’t support contactless yet… which is kinda cool. :slight_smile:

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Using Android and Samsung Pay on the same device has led to problems in many cases - I’ve not tried it, but a couple of friends of mine had some major headaches trying to use both. They’re techies too, so it wasn’t a issue with a lack of technical savvy.

In my case, I already use Samsung Pay and it supports my two High Street current accounts and my credit card supplier too. When I finally eschew the high street accounts in favour of fintechs – I have accounts with 3 at the moment, to evaluate their feature progression – I’ll go with the supplier that supports my preferences, not change my preferences to suit the suppliers. :slight_smile:

So I’d love to see Samsung Pay come onto the roadmap in the fullness of time. :+1:

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That’s not going to happen over here, because UK cards won’t use mag stripe on a machine that has chip & PIN support (which all do, contactless or not). I rarely come across non-contactless enabled machines these days anyway, so not sure how useful this feature would be over here. Also, sounds like a potential security issue, so not sure I’d be happy having this enabled, but I’m not a security expert, so :man_shrugging:.

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I’m not a fan of the idea either, but that’s not all true:

  1. US cards are the same, as are all chip cards. The first digit of the service code defines this, and without this chip cards would be utterly pointless as you could just swipe counterfeit ones :joy:. Importantly this doesn’t apply to Samsung Pay MST mode. Why? Because the magnetic stripe isn’t the one from the card! The service code is different (and the account number, etc… it’s tokenised just like all other mobile payments), and is set to… allow magnetic stripe use :slight_smile:
  2. It would be useful for travel to countries like the US and Japan where contactless is less common (virtually non-existent in Japan).
  3. Security… now that’s a fun one since it’s hard to say. It’s tokenised, it can be instantly re-issued if breached. Samsung claims it is as secure as paying with NFC… I’m not convinced. If the CVV/CVC rotates like in contactless magstripe mode (I don’t know if it does) then it’s as secure as contactless magstripe emulation mode. It certainly is not as secure as EMV contactless.

Remember that in the UK signatures are required for magstripe transactions, so the convenience wouldn’t be there here.


Absolutely, I’m thinking more about overseas use. I travel a lot and, just as @GalaxyMergirl pointed out, there are some countries where doing things as we would expect at home just isn’t an option. Even some where ATM withdrawals are still done by mag stripe (although that’s not relevant in this Samsung Pay discussion. Monzo, along with the other two leading UK fintech banks, have controls for enabling & disabling magstripe right there in the app).

I can still use my physical card in those countries, it’s hardly a huge problem, but I do like to daydream about being able to leave the hotel with only my phone, wherever I am in the world. MSE would add a little flexibility if it’s ever enabled on UK phone even if only when outside the UK. I’m not holding my breath, but I could never even dream about it with Android Pay.

Ultimately one of the first things that attracted me to these new internet banks was their favourable exchange rates for forex and foreign currency transactions. If I can travel and feel less ripped off and be able to substitute my phone for my card…? Bliss :v: :wink:


I think MSE would be brilliant for loyalty cards.

Scanning the screen hardly ever works for me and I just end up looking like a tit if I try to use it. Apart from in Tesco with the QR code version of my Clubcard in Android Pay, which always works

Shell garages, most supermarkets, you always swipe your loyalty card yourself - if they could get them imported into Samsung Pay and enable mag stripe emulation just for loyalty cards I’d be very happy.

I kind of find phone payments a bit redundant sometimes because if I have to get my wallet out to get out a loyalty card then I might as well just get my contactless debit or credit card out and pay with that - it’s basically doubling time spent paying if you get your loyalty card out of your wallet then put it back then pay with your phone.

In Tesco on a self service till (where screen scanning actually works) it’s genuinely how it should be. I get out my phone, flick up to my Tesco card, scan the screen then hold my phone to the payment terminal - it takes seconds. It should be like that everywhere.

I don’t think MSE will ever be switched on, on UK phones though.

We’re supposed to have Samsung/Android Pay automatically transferring your loyalty points to your loyalty cards without presenting it by now - that never happened did it?

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Another +1 here for Samsung Pay

+1 here for Samsung Pay

+1 here for Samsung pay- I’ve got the galaxy S3 watch and would love to be able to link my monzo account to samsung pay- it is the only thing that I’ve haven’t got working on my phone. Please look into it :slight_smile:

I’m getting the gear s3 watch in 1 week and still no support for natwest to work on samsung pay kinda annoying…


+1 for Samsung Pay Support - just also got a Gear S3 Frontier, only just learn’t Monzo support Android Pay, so happy to wait for this to come around. My main bank don’t support anything apart from Apple pay which is extremely disappointing they neglect more than 50% of the market share.

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+1 Samsung Pay

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When you load a Mastercard from an eligible bank to the Samsung Pay app they’ll welcome you with a £6 Costa eGift. Grab your morning cuppa on Mastercard or treat yourself to a cracking combo of coffee and cake any time of the day. Simply opt in to the offer, register your card and the eGift will appear in your voucher folder. Redeem it by scanning the barcode at the till.

And that’s not all: Mastercard is a proud supporter of the World Food Programme (WFP), who provide essential meals to 80 million vulnerable people around the world every year. Each time you use your Mastercard via Samsung Pay between March 5th and April 29th, at any of the wide range of shops that accept Samsung Pay, Mastercard will donate five school meals through WFP. For a child in need, that’s a vital school lunch every day for a week.

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