The Year Ahead, 2018

Here it is! A rundown of what’s in store for Monzo in 2018 :rocket:

These are our early plans for the year to come: we’ll be working on more and some of these plans may change change!

I’m going to try sharing regular updates on the blog each month, to keep everyone in the loop about what’s in the works as the year goes on :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay!!! This is exactly what we needed!!! :heart: Thanks @bea


:smiley: I was just finding our last conversation to tell you this was up! Clearly not quick enough :see_no_evil:

Haha, I’m quick of the ball these days :wink: I just happened to reload the page as it went live :stuck_out_tongue:

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When people pay you back through Monzo-to-Monzo payments, we want to make sure your spending calculations reflect that. So when you pay the bill at a restaurant or buy a birthday present for a friend, it won’t throw your spending targets off kilter.

It’s a shame you’re suggesting this is limited to Monzo-Monzo payments. I have friends not on Monzo, and my girlfriend isn’t either. So when she pays me for her share of the bills it will come from a Lloyds account, I’d still want this to deduct from my Bills spend.

Oh and no Apple Pay :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the most exciting blog post I’ve read, thanks @bea

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There’s no reason we won’t do this, but it’ll be a bit more manual on your end because we don’t control both sides of the payment. I imagine we’ll make it so that you can do it manually though :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks


If the monzo me link was generated, copied and send on a monzo bill split via the web ui link, wouldn’t this be effectively the same as a monzo-monzo payment? This should mean the poster above can have his girlfriend pay via her lloyds card on the monzo me link, and it reconciles in his monzo app?

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Sounds great! It’s good to hear that there are plans to have automatic payments from Pots, and saving reference numbers for payments - an absolute live saver for those of us with credit cards that we pay off manually!

The glaring thing that’s missing (for me) is Apple Pay…I’m literally holding off on getting an Amex card until this comes to Monzo, so the sooner the better!

Oh, and a way to pay in cash. Would love to not touch notes again in my life, but unfortunately Christmas (and living partially out of London) has proven that cash is still king for some people :frowning:

Overall though, great to hear of the plans - and best of luck for 2018!!

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Sounds like this fixes all of my gripes with direct debits. Will be interesting to hear how the retry works.


Looking at this roadmap, IMO Monzo CA will be at least usable as main account and as intended (for Android especially) after a year. It will still lack some basic stuff like 3DS and ability to receive/send international payments.

Maybe these are not mentioned in blog but would be good to have some time line on these as well.

Really hope Monzo to achieve all this in a year though. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Was hoping to see Joint Accounts in there. That will be the feature that allows us to make it the main account.


I can’t see IBANs being mentioned. Any news on that? They’re essential to some of us.


I’m wondering the same too. EIther that or a cool intergration with Transferwise may also be useful.

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I would like to see Monzo integrate with my other bank accounts for true analysis, similar to Yolt.

Basically the first app to offer complete analysis and a bank account will win FinTech.


There doesn’t seem to be a timeline mentioned for the improvements to the Spending and Payments tabs. Does this mean it will take months? Will we be without more useful categories for months?

Also, the article mentions logos and more clear information for direct debits (which is great), but will we have the option of adding logos for standing orders? It would be good to see my landlord’s face in there, just like a payment, instead of seeing a yellow circle with an L :smile: The same for faster payments. Most of my friends don’t have Monzo and aren’t planning to switch (as much as I’m trying to convince them), so it would be good to be able to add a photo for faster payment transactions to them, along with being able to change the name from uppercase to lowercase (uppercase is very harsh).

Do any other FinTech companies offer joint accounts yet?

I love :monzo: but I think this blog post might be the last straw. I know quite a few people locally who have been waiting out for joint accounts on Monzo but since it has taken so long, they’ve gone back to their legacy bank, I think I may too.


Spending Tab is under Make Monzo make sense as a main account :moneybag:

Direct Debits / Standing Order Logo is user Make managing your bills easy :pound:

Thanks! The spending tab is also under Help you better understand and manage your money :nerd_face:, and there’s actually a timeline for that section (3 - 6 months), so either I missed it on first read or the article was updated :blush:

That section doesn’t mention logos for faster payments or standing orders, as far as I can tell; it just mentions logos in regard to direct debits. It says standing orders will move to the payments section but doesn’t mention anything about improving the clarity of them in the transactions list (really just logos are needed to make standing orders clearer, but both logos and title case are needed for faster payments).