The Monzo Community's 2018 Christmas Wish List!

What I really want is to have more control over notification. At the moment it doesn’t give me useful information and I still have to then open an app to get that info.

Instead of “X at . You’ve spent Y today.”
I would like to have:
“X at . Your new balance is Y.”
“X at . You have a direct debit of Y coming up tomorrow.”


Ability to split transactions into multiple transactions (e.g. Taking out money from an atm can be split into multiple transactions), custom images for pots and pots for joints accounts. They’d be at top of my list.


I’m having the same issue after trying it out on my phone, running the latest update of monzo on an iPhone xs max with up to date software. Hope this changes soon, with some possible customisation of the options available.

Has anyone mentioned iOS Shortcuts integration?

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So everyone who voted custom images for Pots as our current #1 is going to love today’s Making Monzo sneak peek: :hot_coral_heart:


Nice, but that’s maybe dashing my dreams of more granular card controls to keep me warm this Christmas

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My “Something Else” is the ability to automatically put a percentage of a specified income into a savings pot.

This would be invaluable for self employed people like myself whose income varies from month to month and need to set aside a percentage of that for income tax.


Another anything else - and the most time critical… I stand by the fact that we need this: Festive Custom Icon


More important than this, I really want the white background icon we used to have on the Current Account Preview. :heart_eyes:


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I’d like to see limited multiple logins allowed.

I use Monzo on my phone but also check my account on my iPad when I’m in the house. I’d like to be able to switch between iPad and phone without having to login every time.

Appreciate it may be a security feature but could nominated devices be allowed to stay logged in even while Monzo is being used on another device?


I wish I’d put that in the list!

+1 from me.


Four more sleeps till Christmas :santa:

183 voters so far! :ballot_box:

League table update:

Fintech Darlings :arrow_up:
at the top of the charts…
1 - Custom images for Pots
2 - New Pots layout
3 - Virtual cards

Unwanted gifts :arrow_down:
bringing up the rear…
= Pin transactions to the top of the feed (4 votes)
= International standing orders (4 votes)
Garmin pay (2 votes)

Battle of the Pays! :watch:
1 - Fitbit Pay (10 votes)
2 - Samsung Pay (7 votes)
3 - Garmin Pay (2 votes)

Votes close as the year ends!

:two: :zero: :one: :nine:


I can’t see that this has been said but a better/ more intuitive budgeting process in app - I like building a budget that makes sense (YNAB/ Spreadsheet) so being able to do something more than what with have now (kinda still don’t understand how to use it properly :joy:) would be great!


So we’ve made it through Christmas! :christmas_tree:

And… 204 people have voted! Exciting! :ballot_box:

League table update:

Here are the digital successes :arrow_up:
at the top of the charts…
1 - Custom images for Pots - no change
2 - New Pots layout - no change
3 - Virtual cards - no change

And the dot com crashes :arrow_down:
= International standing orders (4 votes) - no change
= Pin transactions to the top of the feed (4 votes) - no change
Garmin pay (3 votes) - no change

Battle of the Pays! :watch:
1 - Fitbit Pay (11 votes) - +1 vote
2 - Samsung Pay (8 votes) - +1 vote
3 - Garmin Pay (3 votes) - +1 vote

:warning: Votes close at 23:59 on 31st December 2018! :warning:


My something else is to take non payment items such as “x feature is now available” out of the main feed and create a unified mailbox with “admin” type messages. At present joint account users have to go in to their personal account feed to see these. Would be much easier to have a centralised area to see messsges and would also reduce feed clutter


My initial thought is what about having these on both feeds?

And then it was ‘create an uber feed with both personal and joint transactions’.

Do either of these fill you with joy or dread?

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I’d personally rather not have them on the transaction feed at all

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I dunno, I kinda like having everything in the one feed. I used to find when my legacy bank hid stuff in admin type inboxes that I didn’t bother looking at it.
I think because the non payment feed items are dismissible they aren’t a nuisance to me :blush:


That’s it! :end:

Big thanks to all 215 (wow!) people that voted! :ballot_box:

So it seems that the Monzo community are keen on Pots! :honey_pot: Custom images came out on top with a whopping 46% of the vote, followed by a new layout for Pots in the app.

The good folk of Monzo must have been thinking the same thing as, while the poll was going, they tweeted two very interesting sneak-peaks:

The other gripping* story was the Battle of the Pays! :watch:

There had been lots of calls from Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay users for Monzo to support them. Surprisingly support wasn’t very strong, coming in at positions 33, 34 and 37 (out of 37) respectively. Garmin Pay only had three votes (compared with 12 for Fitbit or 9 for Samsung). What does this mean? Is there genuinely little call for them or might not users of these Pays be using Monzo or on the community because of their absence? :thinking:

There’s also been some interesting ideas in the “anything else” category - hiding balances, better support for switching between joint/personal accounts, history/statements for Pots, packaged accounts, splitting transactions, better notifications… (many of which should really have been in the original list - my bad! :pensive:) - oh and Badger Pay! :badger:

Let’s see how Monzo gets on, then maybe do this again later in the year - it’s been fun!

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*for some value of “gripping”