Android Wear

Hey everybody,

I’m new to the forum and just got my monzo top-up card.

My idea, is it possible for monzo to do something with android wear like view transaction or payment with NFC. Being a big fan of android wear and having three of them I use mine on a daily basis

The need for Samsung Pay etc has been discussed in various other threads, e.g.:

Hopefully they will announce something soon…but it would of course only be for the current account as the prepaid card is being terminated

Samsung pay and android wear are two different things.

I’m talking more about an app for the android wear.

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Probably easy enough for someone to write when the API is out of beta… it’d only presumably only need read only access. NFC payment is harder but would presumably ‘just work’ once android pay is working.

You do get the notifications as well of course.


Android Pay works on compatible Android Wear smartwatches.

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when I said Samsung Pay etc I meant all NFC payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. With the search bar you will find dozens of threads on all three systems if you are interested in reading past comments and responses

Android wear 2.0 does support NFC HCE but I’m more focused on an app to view current and past transaction from an android wear device more. The payment from the device is really not that important with android pay around

Link to reference NFC HCE support (sorry writing this from a mobile and can’t create hyperlink)