No single account needed for Joint accounts!

I would love to be able to have a joint account with my husband without having to have a single account also!
-Also overdraft on joint accounts!

Yep. I guess plenty of people would like this. I also guess that if Monzo could do this, and wanted to, they’d have done something about it by now.


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Splitting joint accounts is hard. Especially since one person leaves it, yet the other one retains it. Because one cannot force the other one to become bankless.

It is more future proof to have individual account. For when things go sour.


Did someone mention Joint accounts?

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I just had this argument with Starling. Every single high street bank allows this, only neobanks don’t. It’s a step backwards and cost them my joint account as my wife doesn’t want to bugger about creating a new solo PCA she doesn’t need just to have a joint account.


I’m struggling to see the issue with this since there’s now the option to have your app default to the joint account (e.g., on opening).


Same. Where’s the actual downside? You could just leave the personal account card frozen and in the drawer


It’s another avenue for fraud and a relevant factor on a credit check. It’s also crap customer service to require two accounts to get the one you want. To reiterate the point, no high street bank does it, they are providing a better service on this count.

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Wait, my husband would need to open a solo Monzo account before we could open a joint account? Thats a pain in the butt. He is super paranoid about financial stuff and would no way want a dormant bank account. He is happy with his main bank account at Natwest and wouldn’t move.

How exactly?

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Unless you sign up for a needless overdraft for a personal account you’ll never use, it won’t affect your credit one jot.


Not really if the balance is literally £0.00, there is no overdraft and you have frozen the card.

In fact, if you then kept the card at home in a drawer, I fail to see how any fraud could actually occur

I do take the point that many people would be unwilling to do this though, and may still feel uneasy about it.

Anyway, this request ties in to the debate about joint account feature parity, and unless joint accounts can achieve total feature parity than it wouldn’t be possible.

Basically, the way the app and Monzo’s backend systems are currently designed is that everyone is expected to have a personal sole current account first - so if you change that assumption, a lot of work needs to be done to allow for it. Especially since the joint account has always been built as a bolt-on product to the “primary” sole account.

I therefore wouldn’t hold your breath about this changing any time soon; although it may eventually, Monzo would need persuading to make such signicant changes.


It’s an active current account, that’s a relevant piece of data that most banks will take note of.

I got that it was because of their system design (for reference, I work in IT for another bank as well as being a Monzo customer) and I don’t expect it to change any time soon, however none of that changes the fact that it’s poor. Having this sort of limitation on a brand new infrastructure is just bad design.

Better to have the customer record independent of any actual account, that way you can add a link to any individual product under whatever eligibility rules you choose rather than being infrastructure limited.


Yes, I agree with you.

But now the system limitation is there, I imagine they will be reluctant to rewrite significant chunks of code just to get rid of it.

So on one hand we have neobanks that made some poor design decisions which appear to inhibit their ability to branch out into different services without first having a current account, and on the other hand we have the larger banks who are all in the process of moving to modern infrastructures which will resolve their current inability to provide features like pots.

The big banks are gaining the capabilities of the neobanks but not vice-versa. I see that as something of an issue. Although so long as being able to just use my card abroad and not worry about being ripped off remains a neobank only feature I’ll remain a customer :slight_smile:

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I agree with you on all of that.

Worst of all for brand-new (yet limited) infrastructure seem to be Tandem, who have now pivoted to savings but appear to have been unable to adjust their app platform - so simply scrapped their app and started again with a new one, launched last week, which removes many of the features it originally had (including even biometric login) as they presumably now need coding again.

Let’s hope the neobanks don’t end up like the traditional banks with a technology stack that gets “stuck” in time, or in 10 years we will be back where we started with “legacy” technology bogging everything down again!

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I needed a joint account. Added them onto another account I had, it’s one less current account on the file. I get its no big deal, it’s more when the option was there elsewhere, I took it.

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