Decouple personal & joint accounts

I have a Monzo joint account with the wife. It’s been a total game changer for us with budgets and categorisation compared to NatWest.

Neither of us use our Monzo personal accounts. They just sit there empty.

I want the ability to close my personal account.

well I guess monzo wants people to have thier own personal and joint account separate just incase things don’t work out you don’t have immediate effect with money

It’s just a byproduct of the way joint accounts were set up.

A ‘customer’ appears to be defined by their personal account ownership and a joint account is an account shared between two ‘customers’.

It’s unusual and probably reflects the fact that, originally, joint accounts weren’t a thing that Monzo was going to offer until the demand got too loud.


I so wish joint accounts have an overdraft facility…

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I don’t think it’s doing any harm with credit scores and such like so you can just ignore it?

Realise it’s a bit of a pain in the app (I have Joint account too but I use my personal account heavily)

I’m the same.

So there is a market for connected current accounts and joint accounts :slight_smile: Not sure how complicated it would be to untangle the two though? :thinking:

I’m yet to find a genuine reason why you need to keep a personal account if you have a joint account. Monzo are making this choice for me when I don’t want it.

It feels very un-Monzo like and more inline with how a legacy bank would operate. Ironically, I don’t have to have a personal account with NatWest to have a joint account.

Isn’t the Monzo current account the most Monzo thing possible?

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On the grounds that it’s just about only Monzo who do it, I’m not sure how much more like Monzo it’s possible to get :crazy_face:

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You’re not getting my point, probably because I’m finding it hard to explain.

If you think about a legacy bank, systems are wrote and process is put in place which takes a monumental effort to change/fix.

Often they can’t do something simple because some code on a mainframe written 30 years ago that’s now tangled into a complex web of crap can’t be changed without huge risk.

Not being able to close a Monzo personal account when I only use a joint account feels very much like that scenario in the sense they are coupled together.
Like you say in your original post… It’s just a byproduct of the way joint accounts were set up and Monzo probably didn’t set out to do it this way as they weren’t aware of the joint account demand. What feels un-Monzo like, is they haven’t thought and catered for the need to have only a joint account when offering joint accounts.

I don’t really care to debate why its turned out like it has. This is a suggestion for improvement.


Leave a couple quid in the personal account and use it for emergencies


This is VERY Monzo.

Their approach is release fast, test, and iterate. So they built a current account, then figured out joint accounts then moved on to something else.

I’d imagine they will come back and iterate on this some day but as you see in the forums there are many other things they consider more important.


I’m confused. On one hand it’s un-Monzo but then on the other you want them to be like legacy banks :exploding_head:

It’s fine that you want to break the connection between the two accounts but that part of your argument makes no sense to me.

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Ah well. You’ll have to remain confused.

Suggestion still stands. Decouple the need to have a personal account when having a joint account. Obviously your decision as to whether you do or don’t vote for it.

Thanks for your input :wink: