No more waiting list!

(Courtney Lee) #1

We’ve said goodbye to the waiting list so new customers can start using Monzo straight away!

(Colin Robinson) #4

Golden tickets will be sticking around still, as an easy way for you to invite friends to Monzo and help them get started quickly.

Well that was going to be my next question…

(Dannii) #5



I never got one and I’m with Monzo since October…

(Adam Kendrew) #7

Great to see this has now been removed. Looking forward to seeing what direction you take the Golden Tickets in.

(Jack) #8

Great news! Nice to see how tickets move forward in the future!

(Dan) #9

How many customers were in the queue at the time Monzo removed the waiting list?

(Tim Chambers) #10

That’s fantastic news. :tada:
I too am looking forward to seeing which direction you take with the Golden Tickets. :tickets::sparkles:


So how many cards can Monzo now process per day?


Does this mean capacity has increased or demand is tailing off? Or both?

(Jack) #13

Seems to be just under 10K cards per 24hrs max.

(Jack) #14

I’ve noticed that the sign up/download page still references a waiting list

(Jack) #15

They seem to be adding around 1.8K a day as an average over the past 2 weeks (including weekends). I think it’s really impressive.

You can select a date range, previous week, previous month etc. And then half way down the page it shows the average daily activations. Obviously now the prepaid has closed the figure will be lower than about a month ago where people were still upgrading.


In that case, it is slowing down. It was around 7k in February if I remember rightly

(Jack) #17

Don’t forget that included people upgrading. Now it’s purely new customers.

If my rough maths is right…
Using the link I posted above along with the average percentage of cards produced for new customers on the same week

I get the number of new customers signing up each day on average as 2K for the 2nd week of March.
If that is roughly right then new customer demand hasn’t really changed besides normal fluctuations.

(Dan) #18

Well… “At our peak we sent out over 5,000 cards in one day from the office.”

But yeah, either way slowing down, but still impressive numbers. The 600k+ Monzo has mainly consist of adopters imo.


Awesome! I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out who to give away my golden ticket to … I guess that’s one leas worry - Thanks monzo team :sunglasses:

(Ray Singh) #20

Fantastic News! Thank you team for making :monzo: even more accessible to new customers. I’ve not seen any bank/account as widely discussed (pubs,workplace,friends) as Monzo!

(Charlie Kelly) #21

My app is permanently stuck on ‘You’ll get another golden ticket soon!’ and has been for about 3 months now!

(Jack) #22

Mines also been like this, I’ve had to ask cops to generate them for me in the past