No more waiting list!

(Jack) #23

Went to get my haircut today. Paid with Monzo via Apple Pay. The person behind the desk said “ooo that’s Monzo isn’t it? I’ve heard of that although there’s a huge waiting list :pensive:” their face instantly changed when I told them it’s now gone. They are going to download it tonight. :clap:t3:


Was it ever huge? I thought only a week


In the early days it was longer - plus it froze for a while while they were doing the current account migrations.

(Richard Cook) #26

:pray: Thank you, Jack!



Do you know what will become of the Golden Ticket system? I have the message that I’ll get another Golden Ticket soon.

(Richard Cook) #28

Not sure yet! It’s still a fun way to invite your friends. Open to suggestions for other uses for it!

(Andy) #29

Perhaps your golden ticket invitees can have a golden circle around them in the contacts screen? Showing the influence and contacts you’ve introduced to the app in a very pleasing and obvious style